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Instructions to implement your Free Hits Page on your site

Please check your email for a HTML file containing your custom web page. Sometimes the HTML file gets delivered directly into your Spam folder. Once you have your file, upload the HTML file to your server via FTP. Yes - You do need your own web hosting account or web space.

Please follow the steps below to upload and use your Free Hits Web Page

(1). Right click on the attachment in your email and "Save As" to your Desktop.
Note: Some e-mail programs will display the attachment in the message. In this case, right click on the message and select "View Source". Notepad will open. Once the source code is displayed select "File" followed by "Save As" from the Note Pad menu and save the copy to your desktop or web site directory.

(2). You can save the file under any HTML name. Example freehits.html, freehits.htm, freehits.shtml or whatever_name_you_like.html (We suggest you change the name to suit your web site requirements and proper SEO naming conventions)

(3). If your comfortable with editing HTML, you can also add your own links around the page, add Google Adwords, add your own banners and add headers and footers to make it your own unique web page.

(4). Once you have the file saved to your "Desktop" you need to "Upload" it to your web site.

(5). Use your favorite FTP program or Control Panel from your hosting company to upload the file to your root directory. Example: /Public_HTML/, /home/ or /www/ directory.

(6). Once you have upload the file to your web site, simply link to it from your main web page. Example: http://www.yourdomainname.com/freehits.html Replace with your correct domain name.

(7). Check to see if the URL will display correctly from your web browser.

(8). Your Hits Page will run automatically. If you link it from your main web page, there is no other promotion or advertising required on your part. We do all the work for you!

When a user signs up from your web page, your link will automatically move into "Position 2", they too will receive this same e-mail explaining how to use this free service and be directed to this site to setup their very own free hits traffic page.


Create a free Hits Page for your web site.


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