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Keeping in contact with your customers is EASY with our online email marketing solution. (No software required). Engage customers with regular newsletters, company announcements or even broadcast a special offer. Send customised, trackable and spam complaint emails for as little as $0.01 cent per email. Generate leads while engaging your customers with a customised marketing plan.

We have thousands of templates to choose from, these work with both desktops and mobile devices.

Content created within a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, campaigns are easy to create, edit and send.

More cost-efficient than snail mail, phone, fax or SMS marketing campaigns.

Email Analytics measures your newsletter effectiveness right down to every single click.

Email Marketing Software Features and Benefits

  • CMather has over 1000 templates ready to be implemented by your business, enabling you to create and send an unlimited number of broadcasts.
  • From multiple lists such as Outlook or CRM software, your business can upload contacts such as Subscribers, Leads and Customers of your business.
  • Automate your broadcast, allowing them to be sent immediately, or scheduled according to key business dates and events.
  • Analyse your campaign by tracking the amount of traffic generated directly from your email in real-time. Over 40 key tracking factors included.
  • All images are hosted free by CMather Content Delivery Network (CDN), this will result in fast loading of your campaigns by your customer, giving them a seamless view of your newsletter without the frustration of waiting for images to download or hosting downtime.
  • Your campaign will be fully Spam Act Compliant with Safe unsubscribe options. Full Australian Spam act compliance. Includes SPF DNS records.
  • Our software is Social Media ready. Link directly to Twitter and Facebook by simply inserting shortcodes into your templates.
  • Your subscribers or customers will be able to view archived and offline versions of previous campaigns via your website.
  • Adding a signup form and subscriber box will allow new subscribers to join your emailing campaigns directly from your website. Add Free Auto Responders.
  • Let us outsource your entire newsletter management. We offer consultants and experts in marketing your products.
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Online Email Marketing Software by CMather

Email Marketing Software Pricing

  • No contracts, No monthly fees, No minimum purchase.
  • Pay only for newsletters you send.
  • Starting from just $0.01 cent per email.
  • Save even more by buying in bulk credits.
  • We provide free consultation, product training and support.