Current Network Status and Change Management Updates

Current Network Status and Change Management Updates

Look up current, past and future network statuses and technical issues that may affect Web Hosting, Domain Name and Web Design customers. If you require further clarification or help on any of these issues, please contact the Help Desk. You can also follow us on Social Media for the latest updates. (Find social links in the header above)

Current Status of Network: No Current Network or Server Related Issues.

 Network News and Upgrades:

19th October 2015Resolved: Currently experiencing wide spread outages worldwide on CMather main production servers. We are currently serving the site from a Cloud Flare / Amazon cache. Please clear your cache to see the current main site.

26th September 2013Resolved: We are currently experiencing several Web Hosting and DNS issues within our network. This includes all cPanel and VPS hosting accounts. Our technicians are currently aware of the issue and working on a resolution. Please bookmark this page revisit for updates throughout the day.

13th September 2012Resolved: We are currently aware of an issue with Google and Feed Burner. Our custom link is showing a 404 Error. This was due to a DNS upgrade. Engineers are currently working on the problem and the feed should be back online within 24 to 48 hours. Please check back soon.

17th June 2012Resolved: Four hour outage for all .COM.AU new registrations as the Australian registrar will be conducting routine maintenance on servers. Duration of outage: 4 Hours. Time: 0800am to 1200pm. No new registrations, renewals or transfers allowed during this time. This is a registry level update for the whole of Australia.

30th March 2012Resolved: We are currently moving domain names with a 301 redirect to our main website. No impact to customers. We are doing this to consolidate our domain name portfolio and migrate all domains names that we own to a simpler platform. Google will soon index these sites back to CMather and the Google index will update it’s self over time. Instead of receiving a 404 error, customers will be redirected to our main CMather site for support.