Search engine optimisation or SEO is all about optimising a website to make it search engine friendly. This helps it rank higher in search engine result pages or SERPs for the keywords or key terms you optimise it for. However, the techniques involved in SEO need constant fine tuning. This is chiefly because of the occasional algorithmic updates search engines come up with.

Let us look at three algorithmic changes that Google has come up with over the recent years. This will help you understand how an SEO approach needs to be modified over time to suit search engines the best, in order to see the best results for your website.

Farmer Update

The farmer update was introduced by Google to improve the quality of the search results. Websites that appeared to hold a huge number of similar and low quality or “shallow” contents needed to be identified as content farms. Once identified as a content farm, such websites will see problems in ranking on search engines.

A low quality but highly optimised content on a hot topic would not help you to rank higher in search engines. Your content quality needs to be high, and you must present additional and unique information in your article to make a mark on search engines.

Panda and Penguin Update

The panda update worked out to be very similar to the farmer update. If you planned on presenting slightly modified content, that has been produced by rewriting articles from other sites, you are not presenting anything new for your visitors. The information is already available elsewhere, and therefore your site will not really impress search engine spiders.

The penguin update has been directed to identify and penalise websites that incorporate black hat SEO tactics, like keyword stuffing or presenting irrelevant links to other websites. SEO techniques such as aggressive use of anchor tags (exact matches), keyword stuffed internal and outbound links, and low quality content will not work towards ranking you higher.

All this is aimed to improve the quality of online content. Overall, the ethical and natural SEO tactics are the best bet for seeing the best results with search engines consistently, even after the algorithmic changes that come in from time to time.

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