The buzz is all around. Everyone is talking about Twitter! Well, what is Twitter? Read further and you will know all about Twitter. The most simple and clear-cut answer to ‘what is Twitter?’ is, it is a social networking as well as a micro blogging site. Those of you who are too busy in their lives and have no time for long emails and Instant Messages, Twitter is an ideal choice.

Twitter allows its users to send and receive tweets. Tweets means messages in Twitter world. The tweets are limited to 140 characters. These tweets appear on the profile of user page and are delivered to its followers. Followers are those who subscribe to a user. Twitter is also known as SMS of the internet. Whether it is some breaking news or a message or an update from a friend, you can get all this information via Twitter.

There are many ways to send messages (tweets) to others. You can send messages directly through Twitter web site, as an SMS on phone or through third party like Firefox add-on called Twitterfox, Twirl or Snitter.

Twitter is the most recently launched social networking site. Launched in 2006, Twitter has gained popularity among social networking people and bloggers worldwide. Introduced by a private company, the most remarkable thing about Twitter is, it wasn’t started as a venture aiming at social networking. Yet, today it ranks third among the other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

After knowing what Twitter is all about, let’s look at some of the pitfalls of Twitter. In the short time it has been on the Internet, it has had its fair share of technical glitches. Account handling came up as one major issue as Twitter servers could not handle the influx of a lot of new accounts. Importantly and critically, security factor was compromised several times on the use of Twitter. The fact that a lot of users discontinued using Twitter a month after signing up goes to show the kind of problems this software faced. With the press giving a lot of bad press about Twitter, one thing was sure – This new social networking application surely had some way to go before it topples Myspace or Facebook. That said, the web site surely gained popularity, albeit in a bad manner.

Now that you know what is Twitter take a look at the list of some notable Twitter users. You are sure to be amazed. Twitter was used in 2007 by the fire department of LA during California wildfires. Some of the NASA projects are updated using Twitter. Oh yes, not to forget the technology savvy President of USA. President Barack Obama used Twitter during his election campaign. Not just him but even his campaign volunteers used Twitter for publicity during the campaign. The most notable use was by Israel government. They held press conferences through Twitter. They held their Q&A round via Twitter about the then ongoing war against Hamas, Gaza.

Now that you know “What is Twitter?”, why wait, and just get the ball rolling with a Twitter account.