A Melbourne-based web-solutions Company has revolutionised the concept of maintaining websites. For long, Website Maintenance has been thought of a concept that allows you to keep the website running efficiently. Website maintenance is more than server management and backups. Having fresh content, script installation, news and shopping carts updates are even more important now for getting repeat customers and keeping up with current Internet standards.

Growing demands from the customers have changed this concept. Now, people want a whole host of services to accompany their website maintenance needs. Hourly website maintenance rates, fast turnaround service and guaranteed quality website maintenance.

Some years ago, people would have been happy when their websites would be managed with a 99.99% uptime. Now, along with this metric, people are increasingly looking at the traffic generated to the website, visitor’s behaviour and other metrics, and closely relating them to maintenance of the website.

“Customers have changed their perception towards the concept of website maintenance. Integration of a wide variety of metrics to the fold of website maintenance means people need one comprehensive package of solutions.” – believes Chris Mather, Group Operations Manager, CMather.com.

It may just happen that after a website maintenance exercise, people may yet feel the need to maintain their websites sooner than later. This is the way how customer’s behaviour to website maintenance has changed over years. The dynamics of the Internet and the marketplace on the World Wide Web has ensured people are on their toes at all times.

“At CMather.com, customer is the king. The team at CMather.com will understand what you need, and work towards delivering these services as one unit. At the end of the day, when clients look at what they have received from CMather.com, they would not feel the need of thinking of website maintenance for some time” – asserts Chris.

CMather offers customers website maintenance at an hourly rate. Low cost website maintenance and peace of mind guarantee for all script installation, website updates, web development, website advertising and marketing.

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