CMather Web Development offers website support services for small businesses that want to expand their website capabilities. Support services include website script installation and web development designed to help small businesses make the most of their Web presence.

“Informational websites allow a business to announce themselves on the Web, but the most successful businesses provide highly functional websites that meet the customer’s needs,” says Chris Mather, Project Manager for CMather Web Development. “Customers are looking for businesses to provide an enhanced experience through their websites.” Today’s most successful businesses use the Web to deliver a broad range of services, including customer and technical support, online trouble ticketing, product and service descriptions, catalogue services, order placement and tracking, updated inventory information, self-help services, and blogging and social media support.

“Web functionality is driven by scripts written in a variety of specialised languages,” says Mather. “Our scripting support services include the installation of scripts, templates, and codes, as well as updates to existing sites that enhance the usability and security of a business website,” says Mather. “We offer support for WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, ZenCart OSCommerce, Magento and other highly popular online open source software.” CMather also provides PHP script installation services for third-party vendors.

“Scripting support can be time-intensive,” says Mather. “Small businesses may not have the staff to deliver a highly polished, functional website that meets customer expectations. At CMather, we support businesses by giving them the scripting support they need to turn their websites into a highly reliable business performance tool that meets both the customer’s and the organisation’s needs.

“Web development is the other side of scripting,” says Mather. “Beyond script installation, our professional Web developers can design and create the scripts a business needs to deliver highly desirable, customer-oriented website functions.” Mather says that secure, well-written scripts open up new avenues for customer support and customer interaction.

“The Web has really levelled the playing field for small businesses,” says Mather. Businesses that can deliver products and services at a lower cost or a faster pace will have the advantage over larger businesses that may not respond as adeptly. Having a highly responsive website that anticipates customer needs, delivers customer support, and generally meets the customer requirements allows small businesses to expand into markets around the globe.

“CMather supports businesses of all sizes that want to offer highly available, highly functional websites,” says Mather. “Small businesses may not have the IT staff available to manage website development services, and offsite Web developing, scripting and hosting services may offer larger businesses the security and business continuity they need for their Web services.”

“CMather is the ideal service provider for businesses of all sizes. Our data centres provide highly secure Web development, testing and production environments for businesses from around the world,” says Mather. “At the same time, we offer a full range of highly affordable Web services that can enable any business to take advantage of everything the Web has to offer.”

About CMather and Bendigo Web Design and Development Services

CMather is a full-service international Web Hosting and Web Design Company located in Bendigo, Australia. For more information about web development, script installation and web design services available through CMather, please visit or request a free call back on 1300 628 437.

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