Email Marketing Software with Free Newsletter TemplatesMost people are familiar with modern marketing techniques and exposed to these almost every day, with the most common forms being flyer drops, television, newspaper, radio, as well as the always frustrating telemarketing or door knocking. However have you heard of electronic forms of marketing such as SMS or Email marketing?

The introduction of these more modern electronic forms of marketing has resulted in new opportunities for businesses to reach out to customers and potential leads. SMS however can be expensive with limited to no reporting available. Without detailed analytics businesses are unable to research the success of their campaign. On the other hand, Email marketing software is inexpensive, effective and provides comprehensive statistics, relating to the success or failure of their marketing campaign.

Using Email marketing software is now the most effective method of advertising for business. The ability to personalise using newsletter templates, the emails can be designed according to the corporate style of the business, directing them to recipients from a multitude of sources such as outlook and CRMs, means that not only can more clients be reached, but a more professional picture of the business is received by the potential client.

Fully Spam Act Compliant Email campaigns, can be scheduled by the business, this allows organisations to create newsletter templates and emails well in advance, planning distribution in line with other marketing or promotional campaigns.

The most powerful part of Email marketing software is the strength in analytics. Statistics generated by the software that manages the campaigns is almost infinite, with the most important being how many clients were reached, how many emails were opened or deleted, and how many visits to the business website were of a result of the client clicking on the email content. All this plus over 30 more free reporting points added to the email newsletter template. No other form of marketing tool has the ability to produce information such as this.

Furthermore, website integration via API is also available to potential clients or leads, this can be done by the business adding a ‘subscribe’ button (Customised HTML) to their web page, as well as making available archived and older email campaigns from the website.

Overall this form of marketing is revolutionising the way in which organisations reach out to their clients and potential leads. Where in the past large numbers of staff were required to distribute content to clients, this is now being done by the click of a button, reaching tens of thousands of people in seconds. Making email marketing software the best method used in today’s cut throat market where cost efficiency along with potential leads reached is a huge advantage.

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