Why it is important to update your contact details for your Domain Name?

You may not realise the impact of not updating your contact details especially your e-mail address for your Domain Name in the WHOIS database. There are certain important reasons why you should do so.

You purchase your Domain Name from a registrar, an organisation which is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) or a national country code top level Domain authority. The registrar is responsible for publishing the relevant information using a special service called the WHOIS protocol. The WHOIS database is an online directory, accessible to the general public to check for Domain Names using the WHOIS search tool. Even the authorities check this database when they are investigating criminal activities.

In order to prevent unlawful activities, ICANN‘s new policy makes it imperative for registrars to maintain the accuracy of the Domain Name owners’ contact details in the WHOIS database. Registrars may use the old e-mail addresses to contact the relevant Domain Name owners to verify on the accuracy of the relevant contact details. If there is no response, the registrar has the authority to delete the Domain Name, creating the opportunity for someone else to register the same Domain Name. In relation to this, ICANN gives a redemption period by deactivating the Domain Name on a temporary basis.

But, there is a reactivation fee involved which could cost higher than USD200. More importantly, there could be possible loss of important incoming e-mails and temporary unavailability of the related website. This could affect the business of the Domain Name owner. It is better to practice good Domain Name Management. Simply log into the website of the registrar every 3 months and update the relevant changes in contact details for the Domain Name as soon as possible to maintain the accuracy of the WHOIS database.

It’s a good idea to update the entire record which includes phone, address, email and business related information. Keeping this information current will help you keep up to date with renewals, transfers and domain management. If you require help in updating your contact details, please contact our support team.