Just noticed your Google rankings dropped out of the search index?
Has your website being totally de-indexed from the search?
Do you know about the new algorithm for unnatural links from Google?

Sometime in March 2012, Google rolled out a new algorithm for its search engine to penalise sites using low quality links and paid links. Some of the changes in the past 4 to 6 weeks have shocked the SEO industry as well as website owners who lost their rankings. Unlike other updates such as “Panda Update” where you could make the changes on your site to take into account content and fix penalising issues, this update is about links pointing to your website from third party sites.

Read the full article: How to avoid an Unnatural Link Penalty

Summary And Tips To Keep Your Site Indexed

  • Never buy paid links. This is against Google policy. Read more about this enforced policy from Google. If adding genuine paid links, make sure you follow it with a “nofollow” tag to protect your site. Example: sponsorship and charity sites.
  • Check your Google Webmaster’s Account for Unnatural Links Notice. Action these notices immediately. If you require help adding Webmaster Tools for your site, please contact the Help Desk. We can help setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.
  • Try and remove low quality links, blog network links and directories where links are added automatically. Yes very hard to do. You can try contacting the website owner from the whois record’s or via email. If you have thousands of unnatural links then this could be a problem for your site.
  • Don’t use the same keyword for all your incoming links. Have a balanced anchor text which can include your company name, brand specific keyword and/or mixture of your keywords.  Having the same keyword repeat over and over again is unnatural. As part of your basic on page SEO techniques you should have quality anchor rich text for your site.
  • Get links from authority sites that have the same market/niche as your website. If you’re a real estate website, get links from other real estate sites, instead of requesting links from a gardening site. If the content is irrelevant to your site, don’t add a link. (Or you can request a “NoFollow” tag).

Confused? Gets a little confusing when trying to promote your site ethically on major search engines. Best tip I can give you is to have quality unique content on your site. If link building, only use high authority websites and within your website category. Never buy paid links or advertise on low quality directories and indexes.

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