A Day in the Life of a Tech Student

The day dawned normally. I was woken up by my Fit Bit Flex alarm. Announcing to me that a new week had officially started. As an IT student, there was a lot of stuff to cover before the semester exams started. I only had a week to revise for all the units. Exactly at 4.30 am, the alarm went off. I woke up and frantically searched for my sandals. I was hoping to go through a unit that had been giving me sleepless nights with the title “Artificial Intelligence”. The morning was chilly. After washing my face, I headed to the kitchen to make some coffee to warm my now shivering body.  I started the Bluetooth Coffee Maker with my Smartphone using the WeMo app. In no time, the coffee was ready. I poured the coffee in the Heated Travel Mug and headed to the study table to commence the really needed revision.

The moment I turned on my Apple MacBook, it hit me that I had not saved my school notes on the laptop as I had earlier on formatted it. My only solution was to search for the external Hard Drive where I normally backup all the important stuff. I searched all places for it; on the shelves, in my bedroom, under the beds, in the kitchen (like it can even be there) and all other places that I could think of. I practically searched everywhere but I couldn’t find it. “When was the last time I used it?” I wondered. I had to consult the Fit Bit flex which keeps track of all the activities am involved in. It indicated I was to submit an assignment two days earlier. Then that meant I left the hard drive near the printer. As sure as the sun will forever rise in the East, I found it on top of the printer. I hurriedly took it and went back to the study table.

My coffee was already cold and the phone was constantly making “screams” signifying that it needed to be charged.  The good thing is I had a Charging Backpack. I plugged the phone on one of the USB ports and the Heated Travel Mug on another to reheat the coffee. I had wasted a lot of time searching for the hard drive for viewing tech videos. It was now 5.15 in the morning. I now had 45 minutes only to do thorough revision before I prepared for a 7.00 AM morning lecture I had. I perused through the various PDF files we had been issued with. The unit was quite mind blowing. It offered too much information about robots and how you can program them to have the same characteristics with humans. This is the kind of unit where missing lectures was the last thing you wanted to do. I tried to comprehend everything I read but I could tell I didn’t comprehend anything. “This is the last time I will be doing last minute revision. I will be going through the notes every time I take them,” I promised myself. Promises I always made ever start of semester but at the end of the semester the same story would resurface. A good three months in school and nothing to show for it.

Time flies, especially when you are trying to do a last minute thing. The alarm went off to signify the end of my revision time. By 6.45 I was ready to leave. I took my back pack and headed to the lecture hall, a few blocks away. I ensured I took with me an Otter Box phone charging case from my wearable gadgets, since I was not planning to go back to the hostel any time within the day. It would ensure that the Smartphone stayed full charged and would be safe from any obstacles that might have arisen within that day.

On arrival, I found the other students had already arrived and the lecturer was busy introducing a last topic in the unit. It was something about using arrays to store information about a bunch of objects. Programming being one of my favorite units was quite easy to follow how it all went. Using the Evernote Moleskine smart notebook, I took some notes on the same to help me in revision. At the end of the lecture, I shared them with Jasmine who had not attended the lecture as she was feeling a bit under the weather.

The rest of the day involved lectures from those lectures that don’t show up until the last minute when they bombard you with excess information. At around 6.45 in the evening, I arrived back at the hostel room. And took a chilled glass of juice from the fridge. Its taste was heavenly after that long exhausting day!

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