Every person that owns a small business knows the importance of getting their name out there so that people know what the business does, where it is located and other information.  For decades, the best way to get exposure was to take out an ad in the local telephone book and perhaps the newspaper.  But very few people use their phone books anymore and even less have a newspaper subscription.  They get all their information right here online!

One of the most effective ways to make your community aware of your business is to have your own website.  Our society is on the go now and nearly everyone uses their computers or their smart mobile phones to find the services they need.  For instance, if someone needs a plumber they would most likely make the call on their way to work after they had looked up local plumbers on the internet – all from their mobile phone.  If you’re not listed and don’t have a website so that they can see what you have to offer, you’ve lost business. 

Having a business website is cost effective, too.  Once your website is published it serves to advertise your business all hours of the day and every single day of the year.  You can tell people what you do, how to reach you, have a “contact us” button that allows people to email you and tell a bit about yourself and your business.  You can even have short, informative articles on your site; people will keep coming back to see the new content. 

You’ll be surprised how little it costs for a professional to design and publish your one page website.  At CMather our website designers can make a one page informative, entertaining, eye catching and professional looking website that will attract new customers and help your website make its way to the top of the search engine results.  If you want to keep your business local your website will be great advertising, making you assessable to your clients.  However, it can also serve to expand your business globally since the internet isn’t bound by borders or distance.     

Your website can help you in other ways, too.  While people often find it difficult to memorize numbers, they will remember the URL of your website especially if you keep it simple and memorable.  You can print the URL on your business cards, on flyers and promotional items, bringing even more traffic to your website and more business through your front door.

Having a professionally designed website from CMather is also great for networking with others in your profession or with suppliers.  Rather than playing telephone tag you can connect via email through your website, at your convenience and theirs.  Your website doesn’t really have the limitations that other forms of advertising do.  It calls attention to itself rather than relying on someone to pick up a newspaper or a telephone book or glance at a billboard.  The people that visit to your website are the audience you are targeting, not random web surfers.

A professionally designed one page website can be the best thing you’ll ever do to grow your business. Contact us with your requirements and we can have a new website designed and launched which includes free advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) within a few days for fraction of your advertising costs.

Website Design Packages include: Website hosting, Domain Name of your choice, Web Design, SEO, Free Advertising for one year, Free Search Engine Submission and Social Media integration. Contact us.