It might come as a surprise to know that there are currently over 4.5 million websites using WooCommerce as their preferred platform and while these numbers might look bloated, WooCommerce powers over 30% of all online stores.

If you’re looking to build an online presence for your business, using WooCommerce as your store should be on your list of options. And there is no reason why it shouldn’t be; Not only do you get a variety of extensions and plugins that range from converting your store currency as per your customers to creating an entire wholesale private store. You can connect the best payment plugins without requiring any help and the best part is that WooCommerce is open-source and free, so you have a lot more control over what you spend.

Today, we will specifically talk about Square and its ability to transform the way you look at accepting payments. We will discuss some of the best Square integrated payment gateway solutions available for WooCommerce and how they can help you in more than just payment management.

More often than most, people ask questions like:

  • “Does Square Payment support the countries and the currencies where we do business?”
  • “What are the service costs?”
  • “What are the extra fees they impose?”
  • “What are their specific terms of service and other contractual needs and requirements?”

While you can easily find the answers to these questions on Square’s Support Centre but what’s hard to find are the extensions that fully utilise Square’s payment gateway abilities.

In this blog post, we’ll have a look at the most popular Square Payment Gateways for WooCommerce.

WooSquare Plus

WooSquare Plus is a robust and secure automation solution that effectively helps square users synchronize their online stores via WooCommerce and Square Platform. WooSquare Plus enables customers to pay with Square at WooCommerce checkout.

The synchronization feature between Square and WooCommerce enables you to keep a check-and-balance on your payments, refunds, inventory, orders, and customers. 

Features of WooSquare

  • Sync Products or Items including their details between Square and WooCommerce.
  • Automatic and Manual Synchronisation option.
  • Any item or product that requires editing or updating in WooCommerce will be reflected in Square in a Real-time environment.
  • Support for simple and variable products.
  • Sync variations and their global and custom attributes between both platforms.
  • The foremost advantage of WooSquarePlus is that it easily integrates a square payment gateway on WooCommerce checkout.
  • The admin can send test transactions from sandbox mode and reflect them in the square sandbox account with all the required information of the overall transactions.
  • POS Order Synchronisation. Orders are charged through the square point of sale system synced with WooCommerce and can be seen through the WooCommerce order tab.
  • Refunds given through Square POS can be synced with WooCommerce.
  • Sync customers between Square and WooCommerce.

Square Payment Gateway for Dokan

Square Payment Gateway for Dokan is a Square payment gateway solution made exclusively for the Dokan Multivendor Plugin. It helps keep a check on payments between admin and vendors. It also allows the vendor to connect their square account within seconds.


  • Admin and vendors can receive their payment dues via Square.
  • Vendors can get their location once their Square account is connected.
  • Admin can obtain their Square account data and update it on WordPress.

Square Payment Gateway for WC Vendors

Square Payment Gateway for WC Vendors perfectly integrates Square with WC Vendor so that the admin can authorise their vendors via OATH Functionality with Square Payment Application.

This plugin’s primary feature is to display the gross revenue breakdown of each product sold by the authorised vendors. Every purchase made will contain a breakdown report for segments, including tax, square gateway charges, vendor’s share, admin’s share, and vice versa.

 Features for WC Vendors

  • Authenticates vendors to access square accounts.
  • Admin and vendors can obtain their split payment separately via the square payment plugin.
  • Admin can obtain square payment information from their account and update it on WordPress.

Square Recurring Plugin for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Square recurring payments WordPress plugin that enables users to pay for subscriptions. This product will be added to your Square account.

This plugin helps users renew their WooCommerce subscription automatically. This renewal will also get updated in the user’s Square application.

 Features for Recurring Square Plugin

  • Allows Square to accept all primary credit cards with WooCommerce.
  • Collect payments for subscriptions that are already generated with WooCommerce.
  • Square eCommerce payments are only available in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UK.
  • The user’s credit card must be saved on a website as a prerequisite per square documentation to handle automatic subscription renewal. However, the user has to allow/confirm permission to apply that.
  • Handle Woocommerce orders refunds through Square application.


In a nutshell, the plugins mentioned above give users the ability to integrate Square and WooCommerce platforms to manage inventories, credit card payments, online transactions, and vice versa. Hence, this blog will provide readers valuable insights to take a hands-on experience via integrating Square and WooCommerce using top-notch online payment plugins to attain a better and more intuitive consumer experience.

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Square Payment Gateway Solutions for WooCommerce
Square Payment Gateway Solutions for WooCommerce