Dominate Google with Social Media SitesIf you’ve always believed that Google rankings were determined by the “luck of the draw,” kissing Google’s proverbial posterior, or some “the bigger the company, the better the spot” system, think again. You–yes little old you–have the power to claw your way up to that coveted first page.

With a lot of hard work, a healthy dose of determination, and an unleashed imagination, you can dominate Google’s search results and firmly establish your brand as the one to beat. Here are a few ways to accomplish your goals by harnessing the power of social media.

1. Google+

Google+ is Google’s very own social media platform, so this is the best place to start. Not only does it allow you to share awesome content, collect followers, and be “liked” in the form of “+1’s,” but it also enables you to have a say about how your post will look in Google’s search results.

Mastering the art of Google+ causes a photo of your smiling–or, if you’re the brooding type, serious–face to appear next to your cleverly crafted profile description in Google’s search results. Yes, you can design your own “snippet.” Cool.

Creating posts that people love, and actively following and rewarding other great “Plussers” will play a huge role in helping you dominated Google.

2. Facebook

Facebook is, by far, the world’s most popular social media tool, which makes it another valuable addition to your social media portfolio. After all, it has a huge amount of clout when it comes to Google’s search results.

If your primary goal is to be “found,” you will have to ensure that your privacy settings reflect this desire. Setting them for complete privacy will hide your account from everyone but your friends. And, as much as you may love the people at Google, they are not actually one of your “friends.” If you want them to list you and your lovely profile picture, you have to let them find you first.

Once you have made yourself visible, start accumulating friends and collecting “likes” and comments. Post great content that begs to be shared. And stay active.

3. Twitter

This platform that enables users to “tweet” messages of up to 140 characters in length, is the other major player in the world of social media–and Google ranks it highly. Extremely popular in the realm of mobile device-users, Twitter is another venue for getting your picture and fascinating bio on a top spot in Google’s Search Results.

4. LinkedIn

Undeniably, LinkedIn is THE social media venue of choice for professionals and Google holds it in high esteem. The trick to harnessing the power of LinkedIn is to thoroughly complete your user profile and blow your own horn as loudly as possible.

You can also customise your URL, so be sure to pick one that uses your name. Like Facebook, you will need to set your privacy settings to enable the public to view your spectacular LinkedIn profile–which, of course, includes links to your own sites.

5. Don’t stop there with Social Media

If you truly want to be the master of your domain, there are many other social media platforms that will enable you to rank highly on Google’s search results. Start pinning share worthy photos on your captivatingly titled boards using Pinterest. Post entertaining videos on YouTube. Check in to your favourite places using Foursquare. And show off your photography skills on Flickr.

Whenever possible, link your social media sites back to your blog or website. And be sure to link your social media accounts to one another as well. Remember, Google loves sites that boast links to and from other quality sites.

And the most important tip of all–focus on your audience. Remember that you are writing for people, not a faceless search engine. Generate top-quality content that is well-written and original. And respond to comments and questions quickly and respectfully. This will earn you a stellar online reputation a key ingredient when it comes to dominating Google.

What social media tools do you recommend for climbing your way up the pages of Google’s Search Results?