Web hosting gives businesses and individuals the chance to blog as much as they want on the internet, but quite often money making opportunities are being lost, simply because the people running the blogs don’t realise they can be making a modest income from the words they write.

With plenty of creative tools available to make your blogs look great and even sound great with the addition of video, it seems a shame to miss out on monetary benefits and make your business even more profitable.  Here are some tips if you blog using a web hosting provider, but would like to make some extra dollars from all your hard work.  After all, the money you make could pay for a higher specification web hosting package and take your business to the next level online.

1.    Consider your web hosting package carefully

There are plenty of web hosting packages which are specifically for blogging, such as Blogger and WordPress, but there are also general web hosting companies who will set you up a blog with the same creative tools and will offer other facilities at the same time.

Consider the benefits of several hosts before choosing, and don’t rush the process. Remember free isn’t necessarily the best option.

2.    Make sure you have a domain name for your blog

The main thing is to ensure you have a domain name associated with your blog so it gets enough exposure on the internet and is picked up by search engines. Most web hosting plans offer a free domain name as part of the deal, at least for the first year.

3.    Know how to check your traffic

It’s so important to check how many people are viewing your posts and your web hosting should provide you with statistics tools so you can monitor which blogs are the most popular, and follow this trend with more of the same.  If you web hosting doesn’t have this add-on try Google Analytics for free. Also ensure you have a facility for comments from readers and this provides excellent feedback on your most popular posts.

4.    Blog on topics which really interest people

Sounds like an obvious comment but writing about what you like and writing about what people actually want to read can be two different things.  To make money from blogs you need to have a niche market which will attract regular readers and build yourself a big following.  If you have lots of different themes to write about, split them into different blogs rather than mixing them up and diluting your following.

5.    Blog consistently and long term

Don’t expect instant success – you have to be determined and persistent, and be a relentless attention-seeker.  Your web hosting needs to be a framework you are happy with over a period of time, which is why you need to be happy with the tools available from the outset.

6.    Submit your blog to plenty of sites

Don’t wait for people to come to you.  Be proactive and submit to as many social book marking sites as you can, link to social networking sites, offer to guest blog on other blogs, create links in your posts, and use the creative tools and marketing options offered by your web hosting provider.