Share Your Wi-Fi Network with a QR Code

In the modern world of wireless technology, it’s now common that most homes have a secure wireless network operating within. However to ensure hacking by outsiders is not possible, secure passwords are as long and sometimes obscure as the latest celebrity baby names.

Often the line from a guest “What’s your wifi password” is answered with the labourous combination of “lower case i, capital D, ten, capital T… No that ten is the number ten not t-e-n…” continuing on for another twenty characters, until the guest has entered the wrong password, and the home owner resolves to typing it in themselves, or emailing the password for a copy and paste.

A new quirky and effective way to provide guests with network access, is to create a QR Barcode. Once scanned with a smart phone or tablet, it provides the user with access to the wireless network, without the painful process of relaying a complicated and long password.

One speed bump to any willing guest to try this new method, is that QR Barcode readers are not commonly installed on smart phones or tablets, however QR Barcodes are now popping up more often on business cards and other promotional documents such as flyers, posters and advertisements, with this, it is becoming more common for QR Barcode readers to be installed on smart technology.

If a QR Barcode to your home network is something you would like to trial, here are some sites that offer free Wi-Fi QR code generation online.


There is even a free Wifi Generator App called WiFi QR Code Generator on the Android Google play Store.

Here is an excellent free barcode scanner for your Android phone. Download it directly from the Android Market. With this app you can scan all sorts of QR codes and different barcodes from the one simple app. Barcode Scanner by Zxing Team

Comment below if you have other methods to allow a friendly and hassle free connection to your local WiFi network.