Think ‘creative people’ and you might be inclined to picture those who are artsy, right-brained, bohemian, and eccentric even.

And, for sure, that is often the case, but creativity is a force that lies within us all – even those of us with the most linear and logical thought processes.

Creativity, essentially, is taking a gamble on your imagination. It’s the act of making something out of nothing, and for that to be successful it takes more than just a brilliant mind … it takes courage.

Creative people come from all walks of life, and whether they are an artist, a musician, a teacher, or an entrepreneur, there is likely a few traits they all share besides creativity. It is also likely that there are a few things they all know for sure:

1. Risk comes with reward.

“Never was anything great achieved without danger.” – Niccolò Machiavelli.

Creative people embrace the mindset that failure is not something to be feared. Really successful creatives fail often, simply because they are prepared to take many risks in the hope that one of them will pay off. Resilience is the key to creative success.

2. Saying ‘yes’ opens doors.

Creative people are open to trying new things. They say ‘Yes’ to a task outside their job description, ‘Yes’ to learning a new language, ‘Yes’ to making new friends, ‘Yes’ to trying the same thing a different way. Saying yes is how they found their first success, and their second … and the rest.

3. Daydreaming is not a waste of time.

We humans spend about 50 percent of our wakeful life with a wandering mind. Some say that is a bad thing, while others – like Scott Barry Kaufman, an NYU psychology professor – argue that allowing your brain some downtime in the land of daydreams can have positive effects, not only on your creativity but many other aspects of your life:

“ … rewards include self-awareness, creative incubation, improvisation and evaluation, memory consolidation, autobiographical planning, goal driven thought, future planning, retrieval of deeply personal memories, reflective consideration of the meaning of events and experiences, simulating the perspective of another person, evaluating the implications of self and others’ emotional reactions, moral reasoning, and reflective compassion … “ says Kaufman.

4. ‘Self-care’ is not a dirty word.

Imaginative people know that negative thoughts and lifestyle choices inhibit their creativity. With pride, they explore self-help, positive affirmations, and mindfulness. They bring yoga and meditation into their lives and chase personal betterment with gusto.

They take the time to get out of their own heads, and not let negativity get in the way of their dreams. By stepping out of their own way, they allow positivity in.

5. It’s OK to ask questions.

The big questions, the little questions – creative people aren’t afraid to ask them, and ask them often!

If you have a brain, they’ll pick it. Everything and everyone presents an opportunity for them to grow and learn.

6. Some things don’t work, and that’s OK.

Creative people can not only identify and acknowledge their success, but also their failures. Often working to deadlines, they are quick to decide if something is a bust, that way they are able to let go quickly in order to move forward in the right direction.

7. Inspiration has no routine

Successful creatives are able to harness inspiration whenever it hits. As a result they’ll be working at all times of the day, which can help alleviate the feelings of suffocation that everyday routine can inflict on them.

If you want to live life a little more creativity, it’s going to take a leap of faith. We all have it in us, we just have to be open to exploring, asking, trying and jumping in!

“Creative People” – About the Author Rebel Wylie

Rebel Wylie is a freelance writer and producer, and regular contributor to Open Colleges – Australia’s leading online educator.

Rebel’s writing has regularly been featured on the homepages of, the Courier Mail, The Sun Herald and The Daily Telegraph, where her unique perspective on the ‘working parent’ experience has formed the lynchpin of some of her most popular pieces.

With a background in journalism and graphic design, Rebel’s focus is on how traditional media can be experienced in a modern and digital way – an idea that she explores through her work as a content and social media producer with – as well her personal blog, Rebel Without A Pause.

Seven Things Creative People Know for Sure | CMather

Seven Things Creative People Know for Sure | CMather