White Hat Search Engine Optimisation

White Hat SEO is a set of skills which are used in order to get great search results from the major search engines around the world. White hat SEO techniques are a sure shot way of getting high ranking for your website. White hat SEO improves the flow of traffic to your website by making your website search engine friendly. It also makes your website rank highly on given keywords relating to your products and services you offer. White Hat SEO uses ethical processors to make your website get high ranks by following all the rules and regulations set by major search engines.

Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation

Exactly opposite to white hat SEO is the Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO breaks all the rules and regulations set by major search engines. Black Hat SEO uses unethical or artificial means to gain traffic, higher rankings and fool the search engines. Black Hat SEO is often used by marketers and webmasters who want results quickly. . This can often get your website banned or sandboxed and is strongly not recommended as an option for SEO.

SEO Optimisation

In order to rank high on the major search engines for your products and services you need to implement SEO optimisation on your website. Simple SEO optimisation can lead to thousands of hits towards your website and increase revenue over night. In order to get higher ranking it is necessary to target specific keywords relating to your products and services. It is calculated that in a day around 300 million searches are carried out by search engines and around 86 percent of the websites are found through these major search engines. Hence search engine optimisation is a very important step when building your business website.

Back Links

Back links are also known as inbound links. Rule of thumb the more back links leading to your website the higher the ranking to your website. Hence back links are the lifeblood of search engine positioning. The easiest form of online advertising is getting sites to link back to your business website. This is generally free and can lead to higher rankings on major search engines. If your website gets many high quality and high page ranking back links then your website has a better chance of getting a higher position in any of the search engines.

Social Book Marking and Social Media

With the help of social bookmarking, Internet users can organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks online. Having your website bookmarked by others users is a great way to increase search engine position and enable higher rankings. With social media such as Facebook and Twitter your customers can link and share your website information with their friends increasing your back links, SEO and search engine visibility. There are several other extra features like ratings and comments on the bookmark and social media sites which are really useful for your website. The more ratings, comments and user interactions you can get for your website will help with promotion and search engine rankings.

Search Engine Submission

The final process is to submit your website to the major search engines for indexing. Submit to search engines is not compulsory as many of the search engines sites will automatically pick up your site from the back links, social media, social bookmarking and on page SEO. Many of the major search engines will also have a control panel or webmaster area where you can submit your sitemaps, ping the search engines and get detailed error reports from the search indexing robots. These tools and control panels are also great for monitoring traffic patterns, keyword research and analysis.

Submit your website free to these major Search Engines:

Google Webmaster Central – http://www.google.com/webmasters/
Yahoo Site Explorer – http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/
Bing Webmaster Tools – http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmasters/
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