Samsung Galaxy S - CMatherAfter weeks of researching, analysing and using different phones and platforms we decided to upgrade our entire mobile network of phones to the new Samsung Galaxy S I9000.  An Android Smartphone from the house of Samsung is certainly something to look out for mainly due to its impressive features and specifications in combination with dashing and stylish new looks.

The Samsung Galaxy S I9000 touch screen Smartphone definitely calls for attention due to its various notable specifications. Featuring a 1 GHz processor, Samsung has incorporated Google’s Android 2.1 (2.2 coming late September) operating system in this phone which makes it more flexible than its predecessor, the Wave. This mobile phone comes with an inbuilt memory of 8 – 16 GB (We went with the 8GB), which can be extended by the use of a 32GB Micro SD card that makes it perfect for home and business use.

This phone is unbelievably quick! Comparing to Windows Mobile and the iPhone the Samsung galaxy S has smooth transitions, fast menus, ever so smooth scrolling and customization to suit the fussiest user like us. In reality the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 with a weight of just 118g, is thinner than the iphone, though slightly on the larger side with dimensions of 64.2mm x 122.4mm x 9.9mm. One main feature found in this amazing Smartphone is the super AMOLED screen which comes embedded with touch sensors that are built into the display rather than just being layered on top of the phone.

Samsung Applications and CustomisationYou want customisation? We have never seen a phone with so much customisation available for the user. Home screens, wallpaper, live wallpaper, message tones, toolbars, folders, Samsung Touch Wiz, notifications, Widgets and Applications – all customizable depending on your mood, settings and day of the week.  (We use LauncherPro and some fancy Live Wallpaper on our Samsung Galaxy)

Samsung Android Smartphone is a power packed device with several features that outperform Windows Mobile and the iPhone. It has a potent 5MP front and rear facing VGA camera with layers application, and is capable of not just taking high quality pictures but streaming beautiful video via 3G (HSDPA) or with ease on Wi-Fi, Skype and Google.  With the YouTube application, users can record videos and upload directly to YouTube.

Sharing photos with this touch screen phone can be a quick and effortless whether it is through MMS, e-mail or other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  The Gallery application organizes all the photos and videos in a stylish and elegant format.

Browsing the internet via this Smartphone is actually quite a satisfying experience mainly due to the ease of operation as well as the wide touch screen which gives great relief to the eye. Other specification in this Smartphone includes an onboard FM radio and a Music player which is a great way of hearing your favourite music whenever required.

Typing on the Samsung Galaxy S is with its own internal keyboard or Swype. This is the first time we have used Swype and we love it! Fastest and easiest way to finger type any message, SMS, word document or text on a mobile phone. Did you know the recent text message world record was broken by a user using a Samsung Galaxy S and Swype?

The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a 45 nm battery which has considerably low power consumption. It is believed to offer a talk time of 803 – 393 minutes and a standby mode at 750 – 576 hours for 2G and 3G respectively. Our tests have shown with moderate use of internet, camera, phone calls and a few games and video the battery will last around three days before a charge is required. For a Smartphone this is great news!

The features available on the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 are extremely user friendly and can be operated with ease by even novices. For the power user there are toys and apps to keep you busy for sometime. Due to android operating system which results in a very quick user interface, this Smartphone gives great pleasure to users with true multi tasking requirements.

With a competitive price range, this Smartphone is considered an excellent investment. We paid $600.00 AUD for an unlocked version. We upgraded the firmware to JM5 and added the one click lag fix from XDA. We now receive quadrant score of over 2000+ when compared with HTC Desire, iPhone and Windows Mobile units. Overall this is how a mobile phone should operate thanks to Android, Samsung and Google which work powerfully in the background to offer you the best in mobile communications. Read More about: Samsung Galaxy S