Last week, QuickBase released information relating to its upcoming product release. Whilst the changes may not be exciting to QuickBase clients in the United States. Clients in European and Australasian countries are quivering with excitement; at what has been a much awaited and very exciting improvement.

One of the biggest downsides to QuickBase for users outside of the United States, has been the date being locked in American format (mm-dd-yyyy). For many perspective clients, this has been a major turn off, and leading to the stalling of further development of personalised applications by existing clients.

Existing QuickBase clients who are not within the US have managed to work within the constraints of the date format, by using calendar date pickers, or creating a date across four fields such as a day field, month field, year field and a formula field to concatenate the field for reporting purposes. It has been a difficult mindset for users to adjust to.

The change in format now allows administrators of QuickBase to select at either an account or application level, the manner in which a date displays. Administrators are also able to modify existing automated APIs which import data eg. CSV, into their applications, without having to modify the date first.

But this is not the only modification which has clients excited. Numerical separators can now be defined, the currency symbol can be modified to that used by other countries such as Pound and Yen, along with the currency symbol’s position.

With the introduction of these changes, perspective clients outside of the US will now be able to consider QuickBase as a frontrunner for in the cloud database management. QuickBase has always been a major player in the United States, and with the introduction of CMather Web Development in Australia providing end users with training and development, as well as the recent release to modify the date format, it is expected that QuickBase will soon too be an Australasian and European leader in its field.

About the Author

Kate Pentreath works as a consultant for small to medium business across Australia. Providing training, support and consultancy across QuickBase, Microsoft Suite of Software and Database Management.

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