How to Backup a Website Using cPanel

Did you know you can backup your website using an easy to use online control panel inside your cPanel web hosting account? If you find this tutorial hard to follow, we are happy to help you back up your website daily, weekly or monthly using our Website Maintenance Programs. Most webmasters choose to backup their websites weekly to protect themselves from data loss and keep the most important information safe and secure.

This tutorial will detail the steps to make a current backup of your website using the free cPanel tools.

(1). Login to your cPanel Web Hosting Account.

(2). Navigate to “Backups” from the main menu.

cPanel File System Menu

(3). Under “Full Backup”. Click on “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup
This will backup all files, MySQL databases, email forwarding accounts and FTP details. This is useful for creating a complete backup of your business for safe keeping offline.

Full Backup System

(4). Pick your backup destination. This is the destination where you want to send the backup to. Your options are: Home Directory, remote FTP server, Remote FTP server in Passive mode and Secure Copy (SCP). Users generally choose Home Directory where you can then download or drag and drop via FTP to your local desktop.

(5). Backups can take anywhere from a few seconds to hours depending on the content and volume on your server. You can enter an email address to get notified once your backup is complete so you can login to your home directory or FTP and copy the backup to your destination.

(4). If you only want your “Home” directory files, click under the “Partial Backups” called “Home Directory“. This will initiate a backup of your “Home” directory.

Partial Backups in cPanel

Restoring Backups

To restore backups, use the same screen but click on “Restore”. Caution this will overwrite all your current directories and MySQL databases with the backup files. If moving to a new server, simple restore the files with a click of a button.

Backup Tips

  • Always backup your websites at least once every month. For busy websites with large communities, content and traffic should backup your website daily or weekly.
  • Never keep the backup on the server. Copy the backup file to your local desktop, burn it to a CD, USB key or cloud storage. Then delete the backup from the server for security.
  • Use 7-Zip to open and manipulate the backups. (Best zip program on the Internet)
  • Password the final backups on your desktop from unauthorised use. Create strong passwords. (Hard to guess). Can use 7-Zip to do this easily.
  • Finally take backups of the backups – Yes that’s right, have multiple copies of the same file on CD, USB stick, Dropbox or other storage devices.

Ask yourself this question: If my website crashed today, can I restore it within a few hours from a current backup?

Backup your website regularly and protect your valuable investment.
If you require further help, please contact the Help Desk.