Virtual Private Network better known as VPN is a type of network technology wherein a safer network is created through a public network like the Internet. Typically, just like a Wide Area Network, a VPN can connect many sites covering lengthy distances.

These network systems make use of encryption and various other security measures to ascertain that whatever data is sent or received cannot be intercepted or opened by unauthorised users. A VPN is designed to provide a safe hidden tunnel through which information is sent between sender and receiver and no one else can read the message. To put it in simple terms a VPN is a group of computers that have been connected through a public networking system like the Internet.

If you require access to a private network you will have to be authenticated with an exclusive id and password, and this authentication is provided through a PIN number that you have to feed in to enter the network. Corporate firms utilise VPN to unite distant data centres, while an individual makes use of VPN to ensure that whatever message he/she sends is encrypted, particularly when they are utilising public networks that cannot be trusted.

How VPN Works

Once you have VPN connectivity, you generally open a VPN client on the computer you are using or even click on a link on a specific site. You then log in with your PIN number so that your machine interacts with a server to exchange trusted keys. Once the two computers have been verified as authentic, all the information that you send or receive either by way of written messages or voice messages will be encrypted and safe from inquisitive eyes and ears.

What Constitutes A Good VPN?

Some of the popular VPN providers offer terrific stability and features, connectivity procedures, server locations and price. While looking for VPN servers, some of the significant features that you should lookout for are:

  • Unrestricted speed
  • Anonymous IP address
  • Unrestricted bandwidth
  • No Server Logs

Finding a good VPN will be a mixture of good features and a great price. Running VPN can be expensive, so many companies online make it possible for a reduced monthly fee or a yearly plan. There are many VPN services that pretend to be good, so do your research and read reviews and articles related to the VPN service provider. Generally VPN connectivity is provided by VPN service providers throughout the world.

Which VPN service provider do you choose?

  • Consider while selecting a VPN service provider, the operating systems each provider supports and choose one that suits your computer
  • You also have to look into their protocols
  • Their policies regarding logging in
  • The home country of the service provider
  • Whether they are devoted to keeping data secure and private and finally
  • Their price

Current Leading VPN Providers

  • ProXPN which supports Windows, OS X and iOS.
  • TorVPN supports Windows, Android, Linux , iOS and OS X
  • TorGuard supporting Windows, iOS, Linux and OS X
  • WiTopia supports iOS, Windows, webOS, Android, Chromebooks, OS X and Linux
  • Express VPN supports Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, Amazon Kindle iOS, xBOX
  • Private Internet Access (PIA) supports iOS, Windows, Linux and the Android operating systems. Private Internet Access is said to have the most contemporary, multi-layered security system with highly advanced protection for privacy via the VPN tunnel.

* The above services all offer ultra security and easy instant setups.

Benefits of Private Internet Access (PIA)

IP Cloaking – Effectively helps to camouflage your actual IP address with an address from the provider, thereby preventing Internet services and websites from keeping track of your regular browsing history and trying to identify where you’re physically located. You will be provided with an IP address based in the country of your choice once you have secure connectivity.

Firewall Protection – Combining the enhanced Firewall and filtering abilities of NETFILTER PROJECT, you will not receive any unwarranted connections on your computer or your smart phone.

Encryption – Private internet Access use top quality encryption techniques to ensure whatever information is transferred is secure.

Uncensored Access – In addition, they also offer unlimited and uncensored access to the whole Internet. If you happen to be blocked from using any software like VOIP, P2P, IP and the like, all such software will be made open for your unlimited use. You’re also provided with full access to all your preferred video streaming sites that comprise of iPlayer, Facebook, BBC, YouTube, Netflix and Demand5.

Browse Anonymously – Identity Protection – Private internet Access also offers you anonymity while browsing, because privacy is the top priority on the Internet. Hackers could easily get to know who you are and get unauthorised access from insecure Internet locations. Adding to this, browsing in incognito assists in preventing data mining ensuring whatever information you seek is private and your identity is kept secret. This is especially necessary for those people whose reputation or jobs could probably be at risk. In fact, there are lots of businesses and marketing individuals who have realised that browsing in incognito and using VPN tools helps them in their investigation, because they do not want their competitors to be aware of what they’re up to.

Public Wi-Fi – If you’re one of those who often visit unrestricted Wi-Fi hot spots that are found in hotels, schools, café’s, coffee shops, etc. remember that these are places that lack any sort of security encryption and are absolutely open and unsafe. These are generally the locations where personal information is stolen. This is where you utilise your wireless internet connectivity from your computer or smart phone using private internet access or VPN. Once activated all information is encrypted over Wifi and adds multiple layers of security that have been mentioned earlier.

Browsing the Internet with a VPN and Private Internet Access

In conclusion private internet access is affordable and adds additional security to your browsing and downloading. Using private internet access or a virtual private network (VPN) adds SSL based layers of security so you’re always protected from outside influencers, and unauthorised eavesdropping. If you’re concerned with security, frequently visit public Wifi or just for the peace of mind, consider installing or purchasing a Virtual Private Network. (VPN).

Private Internet Access with VPN