With the ever growing list of users surfing the Internet on Mobile and Smartphone devices, it’s important to offer your customers a mobile version of your website.

We have briefly outlined four websites where web developers and website designers can create mobile friendly sites using current technologies for customers quickly. With so many mobile phone internet users, it’s handy to have a mobile version of your website.

Having a basic starting point saves a lot of time for website designers and developers. The free skeleton / boilerplate template below help get customer websites quickly off the ground.

With all four sites below you do need to know HTML / HTML5 / CSS to implement. However for the basic web designer and developer this shouldn’t be a challenge. Plus side you might even learn something new.

There is hundreds of online mobile rendering software if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee. The solutions below are all free and with a bit of time and patience you can create brilliant mobile website design for your customers and even your own site.

We currently use iWebKit for our mobile friendly site. However we have used HTML5 Boilerplate many times for our customers and internal Intranet sites.

HTML5 Boilerplate – Very easy to implement and have a mobile friendly site that works on Android, Windows and iPhone users. Includes tablet support. Great tutorials, videos and documentation. Updated regularly and excellent community support. This is a versatile template and should be used either as a reference or starting a custom project.

Html5 Reset with version 2. Developers have also included a WordPress theme which includes semantic HTML5 mark-up. Complimented by a beautiful set of CSS files HTML5Reset is very easy to implement into your current web projects.

Skeleton Boilerplate is an easy to use set of CSS and java script along with a nice template to implement HTML5 sites or mobile friendly sites. The template has a responsive grid, nice form layout and fast tabs. We have created numerous mobile sites for customers using this framework and platform.

iWebKit – Create an iPhone, iPad, iPod compatible website. Sites also work on Windows, Android and other mobile phone vendors. The platform and code is exceptionally user friendly even for the newbie website designer. Developers can expand on the code and deploy mobile sites and applications quickly, efficiently and to the correct standards. Includes a free plug-in such as a RSS feeder and nice icon and button sets. We currently use this application modified slightly for our own mobile friendly site.

Have another mobile template or boilerplate site you use to design mobile friendly sites? Let us know in the comments below. If you require help in designing a mobile website or application for your business, please contact our mobile website design team.