Customise your Nokia, Windows Mobile, Android or iPhone using these free mobile phone customisation sites. Download and install free ringtones, applications, logos, themes, wallpapers and games. You can even use these sites to unlock your phone from your service provider.

Have you got a suggestion on a free mobile phone site? Please add to comments and we will add it to this post. These are some of the frequent mobile phone sites we visit to customise our mobile phones.

Zedge – By far the best! This popular “Mobile phone community site” offers loads of free goodies for your cell phone. Here, you’ll find wallpapers, themes, ringtones, animations, Java games, and more. – This fun mobile phone site lets you search the Web for free ringtones, which you can then preview and send to your phone. The site offers TrueTones that mimic voices by various celebrities. The site also lets you upload your own music, videos, Java games and pictures to your mobile phone.

Phone Wallpapers – This site offers a good roundup of free mobile phone wallpapers. The site includes instructions for adding the wallpapers to your phone. Image categories here include animals, cars, holidays, movies/TV, sports, and more.

The Unlocker – At this popular site, you’ll find thousands of free downloads for your mobile phone, including ringtones, tutorials, unlocking software, logos, wallpapers, themes, phone applications, phone games, and much more.

Ringtones Galore – This site serves up hundreds of free ringtones, including many current popular chart hits. Most of the ringtones are in Nokia Composer format, although there are other formats available here, as well.

My Mobile Toy – This site offers free, easy-to-use online tools that let you upload your own pictures and music to your mobile phone, without the hassle of software or cables. You can also share your content here with your friends.

Pix2Fone – Easily create custom wallpapers, backgrounds and logos for your cell phone. You can use Pix2Fone online, or download it as an extension to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. – Is your cell phone locked to a specific network? This site offers a free “unlock codes generator” that you can use to unlock your phone (which will enable you to use your phone with any service provider worldwide). – Thousands of free Nokia ringtones which you can input into your phones composer or with a datacable and some software such as Logomanager.

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