As you develop and adapt a strategy for mobile marketing, it’s important to keep in mind some of the words that are closely associated with mobile. Words such as movable, portable, active and motion among others are extremely relevant to mobile marketing.

Marketing has evolved to online from print media. Now, online has become mobile. Such changes tell you that in the marketing world, things don’t stay the same for long. It’s also clear that the intervals between changes are actually getting shorter with time.

As a marketer, you should understand that if you just keep up with these changes, you‘re going to remain behind your competitors. Therefore, an effective mobile strategy simply means developing ways to stay ahead of these changes in the marketing world. If you want to stay ahead, you should develop mobile marketing strategies that are not only flexible, but should also be adaptable and not just standardised.

Users Should Get Your Mobile Marketing Content on the Go

Above everything else, mobile marketing means that you have to understand human behaviours. When people are using a mobile device, they often act differently from when they’re using desktop and laptop computers.

People with mobile devices carry them along everywhere. When they’re traveling, shopping, strolling or simply going out on the town. While you might assume that they’re interested in online activities, the truth is that they might be listening to music, texting, taking pictures, or talking to their friends and family. Well, you can be sure that some of them are also checking online content such as email, social media and review websites.

People can now visit businesses online at any time of day or night irrespective of wherever they may be, provided they have their mobile device. Because going online has become impulsive, you must make sure that the first thing your users are going to see when your content loads should capture their attention. So, your headlines must be catchy and the first sentence below the headline must be able to grab their attention.

Secondly, mobile users tend to have many things in their mind, which means they can get be distracted very easily. They might leave your website within seconds because the content is not compelling or a function of the website is hard to navigate. So, when you’re collecting analytic data do it very carefully and keep an open mind while trying to think about the user’s experience.

Thirdly, mobile users who view your content using a mobile device might be in a different location or environment. Therefore, their experience of such content is going to be different. To ensure that all these different environments bring your users the same experience, be sure to simplify the mobile experience content as much as you can. Use easy to understand language, bullet points, simple graphics and easy to fill out forms. Speak the same language as your customers.

Physical Location Matters

Yes, it’s a great thing that you already know how visual content such as images and videos can easily grab attention of mobile users. You also know that headlines and topics must be catchy. These insights will make your website work harder for your business and boost your mobile marketing strategies. (Read more about the Top 3 Referral Marketing Strategies)

In case you have a specific physical location, be it in city or rural area, there is likelihood that there’re many more potential customers within that location. In fact, majority of them might be available 24-hours and ready to buy from your business now.

So, how do you work smarter? Well, it’s simple! Just give those who are using mobile devices a valid and logical reason to provide you with their contact information. This may be in a form of a discount, coupon or special for customers who are within a certain distance range from your business. This way, you’ll have permission to push your products and offers to highly targeted local customers within your area.

Mobile Marketing is the Key to Success

If you want to succeed in mobile marketing, just base your marketing strategy on human behaviours. It’s important to stay in touch and understand how behaviours are changing. This is important because the mobile marketing environment is a dynamic space always changing for the consumer.

If you still believe that people you’re targeting will be sitting down in their living rooms to watch TV for hours like it used to be 10 years ago, then you’re not living in the current world. For you to be a successful mobile marketer you must stay focused on behaviour changes and keep up with current mobile trends to stay in front of your competitors.

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