Making website backups is an essential step in any online business. Disasters do happen, and if you get your website or database erased or corrupted, you stand to loose all your hard work and everything created online. Just imagine if your website broke down or the information was corrupted on the server. Would you redo all your hard work for the past 12 months?

Always backup your website and MySQL database at regular intervals.

How often should I backup? That depends on how many times you make updates to your website. As a general rule monthly interval backup for all website and databases is essential. If you run a merchant commerce website, then weekly backups might be needed to capture all the orders, product changes and new customers.

You can outsource this function to us or use your control panel from your web hosting company to make regular backups which can be saved to your local hard drive for easy reference. We suggest zipping the website files to save space and add a password to protect the information inside the zip folder. A great free open source zipping tool is 7-Zip. Once you have your backup zipped, store the backup in a safe place, preferably in a different location to the server.

Once in awhile take a manual backup just in case your automated backup process becomes corrupted. Remember having many backups is always a good thing and can save your online business when disaster strike. Having multiple restore points will help with your decision to restore the best backup for your website.

Some useful tips when making website backups

  • Backup all files including Databases. Yes you can even backup email settings.
  • Name your backups with a date so you know which one to restore if needed.
  • Always protect your backups with a password and store in a safe location.
  • Manually backup your website via FTP or Telnet once a month.
  • Backup your website before installing any major changes, scripts or coding.
  • If your website is infected with a virus clean virus first before backing up.
  • Add a reminder in your calendar to run website backups every month.

If this is all too hard, or you would like help with your backups, please contact CMather. We can backup your existing website and database for as little as $30.00. To book a backup, please visit Website Maintenance or call 1300 628 437