Yii Framework Web DevelopmentA trusted companion for developers the Yii framework is fast, effective, and geared for better results. One of the most innovation-driven PHP frameworks out there in the market, the codes written through Yii are clean, compact and optimised for testing. Building business applications has been particularly rewarding, owing to the host of library functions and reduced load on database that Yii comes with. This has lead to a steep rise in the demand for Yii and we are deemed to see this demand curve rise further as its popularity increases.

Some of the standard benefits associated with using PHP include:

  • Straightforward Execution
  • Highly portable
  • Compatible across different browsers and operating systems
  • Robust
  • Packed with features

While these benefits are compelling enough for you to choose Yii in order to create a project without any fuss to its set up and for delivering desirable results, the business owners like to look at the bigger picture. They look for benefits that are practical to an enterprise willing to spend big bucks, and seeking worthwhile results. While businesses are looking for some restrain, they are also vying for overwhelming consistency in their project management. Let’s take a detailed look on how Yii benefits businesses and adheres to their industrious expectations:

  • Automated Modules: the Yii framework facilitates adds dynamism to the internal modules of your project by automating them that makes your technology landscape more fertile. Besides, it also lets you evolve as a business that knows how to accomplish bigger tasks on smaller budgets. Gii module is one of the popular modules for the purpose.
  • Slimmer Teams – This is a direct result of the benefit #1 as higher is the automation in your procedures, lesser is your dependence on human resource. You can channelize the resources and the saved cost on other functions of your enterprise and make them more agile and address the evolving business challenges in the market.
  • Easily accessible APIs: APIs endow you with better marketing capabilities. Principally, the integration of social media into your applications becomes easier that lets you take your product to a much broader customer base.
  • Robust Testing Framework – The Yii framework is pre-loaded with some of the most dynamic extensions for the purpose testing your code. Not only they make the whole testing process seamless, they give you more time to focus on pertinent functions.
  • Enhanced Caching: The innumerable caching components of Yii assists in an organized storage of data. Memcache, APC, and XCache are the most popular caching media that Yii comes with.
  • More Assured Security: Any kind of web development or application development is susceptible to attacks by hackers and intruders. However, Yii takes the robustness of the security algorithms associated with your project several notches higher and makes your project sheltered and inaccessible to interceptors.

Yii framework development gives the developers a lot of confidence, as they are offered a huge room to ideate and at the same time, there is a lesser scope for errors turning into catastrophes. Business, whether small, medium-sized or multinationals, can leverage the Yii features to their advantage and gear up for an accelerated growth.

Author Bio: With extensive experience and expertise advocating his skills, David is a qualified writer whose writings penetratingly focus on different aspects Yii framework Developers. He is associated with Xicom Technologies, a renowned brand for Yii framework development services.