Local Bendigo web design business offers small business website design throughout country Victoria.

Bendigo Web Design Press ReleaseBENDIGO, VIC (15 March 2012) – CMather, Bendigo’s premiere Internet business, offers a full range of Web design and site maintenance services especially for small businesses. CMather also offers highly affordable one-page Web sites that are ideal for businesses that want to maintain a simple Web presence.

“We offer a full range of Web services designed to support small businesses,” says Chris Mather, Project Manager for CMather. “Our Web designers can create a completely new website, refresh an existing site, or take over maintenance of a business website to ensure that Web content is always up-to-date and relevant to what potential customers are looking for.”

“The Web is a major source of information for customers who are ready to buy products and services,” says Mather. “Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the personnel and time to design and maintain a business website properly.” Mather says that lack of maintenance and poor website designs give competing businesses a significant advantage in terms of search engine placement and customer attention. “Potential customers naturally gravitate to the businesses they find first in their search engine results. Website maintenance is absolutely critical to ensure good search engine placement.”

Getting customers to a business website is only half of the job, says Mather. “Ultimately, business websites are judged by their usability.” Mather says that while customers appreciate websites that deliver information in a pleasing way, they really look for highly functional websites that anticipate and meet the customer’s informational and business needs.

“Business websites can enable a wide variety of customer transactions around the clock,” says Mather. “By placing descriptive product information, product availability, support materials, pricing, contact information, customer service representatives, catalogue and secure shopping cart services on the website, a business can deliver an exceptional, consistent customer experience, even when the entire staff is asleep.”

Mather points out that most businesses don’t have the staff on hand to enhance their online presence. “Businesses tend to underestimate what their websites can do for them.” Well-designed business websites are very good at expanding an organisation’s reach into new markets and niche markets for customers around the world.  “A highly effective website can turn a local business into a global business overnight and place small businesses on an even footing with larger ones,” says Mather.

To do that, however, Mather says a business website has to deliver the experience the customer expects. By outsourcing website design, maintenance, and hosting functions to CMather, even small businesses can ensure that their customers are attended to around the clock. “We design highly available websites that offer secure transactions, meaningful customer support and the business functions as the customer wants. This goes a long way toward meeting the customer’s needs and cementing a long-term business relationship.”

About CMather and Bendigo Web Design Services

CMather.com is a full-service international Web Hosting and Web Development Company located in Bendigo, Australia. CMather Web hosting servers welcome more than 4 million visitors each month from all over the world in their highly secure, high volume Data Centre’s. For more information about the Web Hosting and Web Design services available through CMather, please visit http://www.CMather.com or request a free call back on 1300 628 437. Request a free Bendigo Web Design Quote.

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Local Bendigo Web Design Business Offers Small Business Website Design.