Customer service has become a vital factor for the growth of any organisation irrespective of its size. Help desk software constructs competent customer support and plays a key role in bringing out customer satisfaction and to improve business turn over. Hence the usage of software to manage customer support has been increasing by leaps and bounds in recent years. But, choosing the perfect help desk software to fit a business is time-consuming and it triggers a lot of questions in the minds of help desk evaluators. To help you during the assessment process,  I have answered the most common questions on IT services desk solutions.

What’s help desk software used for?

Help desk software is intended to manage your help desk and provide efficient customer support to your customers or end-users. It acts as a central point of contact to get assistance and to resolve their issues. Whenever a user has an issue, he contacts help desk through email, phone call or a chat. It gets recorded inside the software and assigns it to a specific skilled agent. The agent resolves the issue on time to ensure customer satisfaction.

When is the best time to start using help desk software?

You’ll realise yourself – When you are overloaded with support questions, unable to provide expected IT support of desired quality, experience an increasing trend of unhappy customers, end up answering the same kind of questions, again and again, hunt for your files from the history of a specific ticket or while calibrating your help desk performance. If you walk through any of such issues in your day-to-day IT life, then that’s the right time to start using help desk software for your business.

What are the benefits of using a help desk solution?

Using any help desk software effectively brings immediate benefits to your business. Examples such as:

  • Provide timely customer service
  • Reduce your technician’s time and workload
  • Redefine the way of reporting issues
  • Reduce your business costs
  • Increase your profits and improve overall productivity
  • Establish a good customer relationship
  • Benchmarking and gathering KPI’s

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Is help desk solutions only for the IT industry?

No. Help desk solutions fit into any industry; it can be IT service, telecommunications, manufacturing, government organizations, hotels, hospitals or even educational institutions. Though there is a difference in implementation and usage, any business that is in need of providing support to their customers can make benefits out of help desk software.

What are the most fundamental features to look for in help desk software?

During the evaluation, we need to check for certain fundamental features in any software. Listed below are some of the must-have features.

  • The central point of contact to record incidents, events, history and resolutions
  • Automatic conversion of email to tickets
  • Streamlined workflow from incident creation and closure
  • Rule-based queue management for proper routing of incidents to respective technicians
  • Automated SLAs and escalation for timely resolutions
  • A huge set of pre-defined templates and reference to the knowledge base to save your technician’s time
  • Enhanced self-service to the end-users to submit & keep track of their incidents
  • Auto-trigger email notifications from the application for effective communication mechanisms
  • Compatibility with ITIL best practices

What are the best practices for service desk software?

Educating your technicians about the complete functionality of help desk software isn’t enough, advising them to follow best practices is also required.

Here is a quick glimpse of some of the common help desk best practices.

  • Document all the steps followed in resolving the incident and archive them for future reference
  • Get periodic feedbacks from customers and keep them always on the loop
  • Automate incoming incidents to the right technicians to improve resolution time
  • Schedule periodic reports to gear yourself up for pro-active decisions
  • Convert frequent issues as knowledge base articles and make them visible to end-users through self-service.

Which software solutions has the best starter offer?

Help desk market is growing every day and you can find a lot of help desk vendors within the market. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is free forever for an unlimited number of technicians or users. Their standard help desk edition is completely free of cost without compromising on their features set. You can test the features like incident management, knowledge base, a self-service portal, remote control, SLA and so on.

If you have questions pertaining to a help desk evaluation, installation or process please feel free to post in our comments section below.

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