The iPhone4 is one of the most eagerly anticipated products in marketing today.  Millions of people lined up, logged in online and camped out at retail outlets in the US to be the first ones to have one of these unique cell phones.  The iPhone4 will be released in Australia July 30th 2010. Carries such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and 3 will soon have plans available; however depending on competition will probably wait until the last minute to release this information. So what makes the iPhone4 so special?

CMather - Facetime Apple iPhone4The iPhone4 is the type of phone we used to see in science fiction movies and television series.  We used to imagine what it would be like to talk to someone and actually see them on our phones and now it’s a reality.  You can check on your children while you’re at work and see what they are doing or even call someone on the other side of the world and connect with them visually as well as verbally.  The iPhone4 has a camera (5-megapixel) in the back as well as the front so that you can allow someone to see you or turn it over and look at them!  This feature, called FaceTime, is easy to use by just touching a button. 

CMather - Retina iPone4 DisplayThe picture quality on the iPhone4 is astounding; thanks to Apple’s revolutionary high resolution screen (960 X 640 Retina Display).  The sharp images you see are due to the highest pixel count available, so dense that no matter how hard you try you will not be able to pick out any individual pixel.  This same amazing technology makes it possible to use the iPhone4 to take high definition movies.  Even when the light is less than optimal, you can shoot movies that are crisp and as clear and vibrant as it’s currently possible to produce. No other phone can produce such crystal clear images and movies.  The built in LED light and light sensor will allow you to shoot movies and still images that are nothing short of amazing in their clarity and color. You can even edit the HD video on the iPhone4 with the iMovie app.

CMather - Multitasking Apple iPhone4For sheer utility, the iPhone4 leaves all other phones in the dust.  Its advanced design allows you to switch between tasks and applications with no lag time or unnecessary power consumption.  Talk time up to 7 hours on 3G and 300 hours standby time. With multitasking added, you can surf the internet with Safari, send an email, watch a video or work on another app all at the same time; the iPhone4 lets you go back and forth between tasks instantly without slowing any of them down.

The iPhone4 is one of the thinnest phones (H115 X W58 X D9) (Weight 137 grams) made and extremely sturdy.  Its stainless steel buttons feel solid and are designed for easy use even if you have large fingers.  It’s attractive, functional, simple to use and a truly innovative piece of technology that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

The drawback is the issue that’s had so much publicity in the media regarding the external antenna.  While wrapping your hand around the phone and covering the steel antenna, users have reported reduced reception, calls dropped as well as loosing phone connectivity. Apple stated at a press conference that only .01% of calls have been affected. Still, that was enough to cause Apple to issue rubber “bumpers” to put around the phone and stop the problem.  They are currently free to iPhone4 owners at a cost to Apple of $175 million.

The free bumpers will be offered until September 30th, which begs the question what happens after September 30th? Does the phone get recalled? Do we still get free bumpers? Or do we have to purchase at our cost to fix the reception antenna issue?  I’m sure Apple will inform us soon; however it would be great to know before making a purchase within Australia.

Overall this is a great phone. Considering we have always used Windows and Android for our communications we are considering moving all phones to the new iPhone4. However don’t rush in and purchase, rather wait and see how Apple will treat the antenna problem and the free bumper issue. The most important part of any phone is making phone calls. If there are issues with this in Australia, then it’s probably worth waiting until a fix or alternative is found.

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