Your new iPhone 6, and your older iPhone 5, are the cutting edge of design, function, and style in a handheld device that also makes phone calls. Keeping it working at it’s best, and enjoying a fraud-free Internet experience on it, is possible with just a few apps. You keep hearing about hacks all the time in the media: now it’s time for you to do something about it!

1: Webroot SecureWeb

Webroot SecureWeb is an iPhone security app that is used exclusively for the protection of your web browser. It can block malicious websites for you, check your search results and show you harmful sites BEFORE you click on them, and it will also look at the websites you visit and alert you if banking or shopping sites linked to are safe.

2: Kaspersky Safe Browser

The Kaspersky Safe Browser app is somewhat similar to Webroot as it’s for your browser. It differs because it focuses on protecting you against mobile frauds, and phishing scams. If you’re a bit more conservative, or the phone is for your teen, you can set blocks on adult content.
You don’t need both of these first two apps, but you’re free to follow the links and do a bit of research on which iPhone browser security app is better for your specific needs.

3: Find My iPhone

No phone is completely safe until it has Find My iPhone on it. This may be your favorite new security app as it helps you find your iPhone via both GPS and a siren. The siren can be sounded remotely, perfect for when you’re trying to get out of the house and there’s no one around to call your phone to make it ring.
When it’s really lost, you can use GPS to track it. Oh! There it is! At the office …again!

4: Norton Mobile Security

One of the most trusted names in the digital security world is Symantec, and their trusted Norton security programs have been around for decades. The latest Norton Mobile Security app is a very effective tool. It will help you by:

  • Protecting your data against theft and loss
  • Give you the chance to backup certain files, or whole folders
  • Control all security options through their website remotely
  • Track your lost iPhone via a screamer and GPS

It may be a better tool than any of the above two combined with Find My iPhone.

5: LastPass

LastPass is a multi-platform security app that allows you to save multiple passwords with strong complexity. You can install it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and iPhone and have instant access to these complex passwords – no more having one password for every website!
This is important as brute force hacks work when people use low quality passwords that are common words. LastPass creates complex, and nearly impossible to crack, passwords and automatically enters them for you.

6: Intego VirusBarrier

You won’t often need an app like Intego VirusBarrier on an iOS device, but when you do need it you will be so glad it’s there protecting you. The app is focused on the content that you downloaded off the Internet onto your iPhone. Its entire design is based around stopping the exchange of malware – you don’t get it, and you can’t send it to your friends.

7: VPN security app

I know that you use your iPhone as much more than just a phone call making device. Heck, I bet you don’t even use it as a phone about 50% of the time! You’re probably using it like a handheld computer and connecting it to WiFi everywhere you go.
A good VPN will protect you from Evil Twin hacks that are all too common on public WiFi networks by encrypting all of your traffic sent over a WiFi connection. All VPNs will do this, but you can find the best Australian VPN for your other security needs as a VPN is a diverse Internet security tool.

8: Secure Vault

The Secure Vault app is an iPhone security app that encrypts the data that is right on your iPhone. It will let you encrypt your photos (yes, THOSE photos), video files, and audio files. Once they are encrypted you unlock them with either a 9 or 16 pattern security lock.

The web browser that comes with it feels like a bit of an afterthought, but it will:

  • Make websites think you’re visiting from a desktop – giving you their full website experience
  • Store your bookmarks privately
  • Download images securely and then view them within the app


The WISeID app is similar to Secure Vault, but focuses more on data storage for your passwords, PINs, login credentials, credit/loyalty card numbers, and notes you take. You can think of them as a mobile ‘personal wallet’ app/password manager.
What sets them apart is their facial recognition password, and their dot pattern recognition password protection. It feels soooooo space age when you use it.

10: Google Authenticator

Google’s Authenticator security app is for those Apple iPhone 6 users who also use some Google tools on their phone. The app will allow them to easily use Google’s two-step authentication feature.
Once installed you’ll sign into your Google accounts the same way as always, and then you will have a code sent to you via SMS or email. This one time use code will be used for the second step of the authentication process. It’s not as smooth a process as their desktop version, but it is certainly better than not using it at all.

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Marcus Habert is an online security writer and enthusiast, you can read his work over on Best VPN Provider’s blog every Wednesday. He’ll be giving you some of the latest infosec news, helping you stay a bit safer in this crazy digital world. For the Twitter fans, follow the @BestVPNs Twitter account for updates all day!

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