WordPress is arguably the best tool that currently exists to help small business to publish and upload a website or blog without too much technical knowledge or programming experience. WordPress is also free which can saves thousands of dollars on web design and maintenance costs.

The first step in using WordPress is the installation of the software into the web hosting server. For beginners this process can be a little tricky so we have given you two options to install and configure WordPress using an automated tool and the more popular manual process.

To install WordPress there are basically two ways:

  1. The automatic setup is done with a tool called Fantastico or Simple Script, which is a One-click WordPress installer and is available free of charge in all our web hosting server accounts. There are also other free scripts within Fantastico which can be installed with just one click from your cPanel account. This is the easiest and can have your WP Install running in under 2 – 3 minutes.
  2. The manual process of installing WordPress requires some technical knowledge to carry it out. However most beginners find this process easy and will take around 5 – 10 minutes to upload and configure the basic settings. This article will concentrate on the manual process of installing WordPress on our cloud web hosting servers.

Step#1: Download WordPress File

The first thing you have to do is go to “wordpress.org” and press the right button that says “Download WordPress”. It is a zip file. Save this file to your computer and remember where you saved it. (Preferably Desktop for easy reference) You will need a zip tool to unzip the files and extract them. A great free zip tool which extracts all kinds of files is 7-Zip.

Step#2: Upload WordPress Files to Server

Once you’ve downloaded the WordPress file, Right click on the zip file and do a left click on unzip. Extract the files and remember where you unzipped it. We will now upload these files to the server.

  1. Login to your hosting server account, select your domain and click on “Administer“.
  2. Select cPanel icon and Login to your Server.
  3. Under Files, click File Manager.
  4. Select Web Root or Public_html, then click go.
  5. Click Upload from the top toolbar.
  6. Click Browse and go the place on your computer where your WordPress unzipped / extracted file is saved and upload it.

Make sure you upload the WordPress file into Public_html folder. (Note you can also upload the extracted files using FTP. To connect to FTP, simple use your favorite FTP program and username and password that you set for your FTP connection. FTP the files directly into your Public_html folder.

Step#3: Create a MySQL Database

Once all files have been extracted via File Manager or FTP, go back into your cPanel and look for “MySQL Database Wizard”.

Click on the “MySQL Database Wizard” and follow the steps laid down by the wizard. The most important thing you have to do is create a name for your database, a user name and password. Once that’s done, record the information as you will need this to complete the WordPress automated installation. One final step is to give the database user permissions to access your database. Beginners can get confused on this step as these permissions set access rights for WordPress to read and write into the MySQL Database. This is the final part of the manual installation process.

Step#4: Ready to Configure WordPress?

Open your preferred browser and navigate to your domain name. If installed in a sub domain or sub directory, navigate to this location. You should see a page where it is asking you to create a configuration file. Click on “Create a Configuration File” and you will be taken to a page to submit all the information you created while making your MySQL Database like your Database Name, Database Username and Database Password.

Fill out all the information fields required and click on “Submit

The next step is to fill out information about your website and administration details. Fill out the site title, username, password and your email address. Remember the username and password as this is used to gain access to your WordPress Administration Panel. Once all details have been entered, click on “Install WordPress“.

Your Done! WordPress is installed on your domain. Now go into your WordPress Admin Panel and configure it to business.

Final Notes

Please read the official WordPress Manual. The manual contains tips and tricks for configuring your software, creating and administering your website. The manual is consistently updated with the latest version and updates directly from WordPress. If however you find this process difficult or would like to outsource this process, please contact our Script Installation Team. For as little as $30.00 AUD, our team can upload, install, configure and troubleshoot WordPress to your liking.