On the move? Use Portable Apps carried on a USB stick

Most people utilise portable storage devices on a daily basis through the use of a USB. Being able to take data on a compact device such as a USB has become an essential and practical need. However not a lot of consumers may be aware that they are also able to take their applications with them in the same manner and of what the benefits are.

Portable AppsPortable Apps is a free platform that can operate from a USB, some of the most popular applications such as Mozilla, Chrome, Skype, Thunderbird and Open Office. Allowing users to take their favourite applications with them, means that a user is no longer restricted by the location they are working from and the security issues involved, as nothing is installed on the computer they are temporarily at, and all settings relating to the program they are utilising and information is saved to the USB.

Often when using a computer from several different locations, consumers can find that software they require is not installed or operating a different version from computer to computer, this can create frustration and become time consuming, to ensure all PCs are up to date. What can cause more frustration are the security and administrative settings from one PC to another, which may restrict users from installing software. Utilising Portable Apps, the user is able to work around these restrictions without imposing or breaking what can be some very strict business policies.

Users who have a DropBox account do not even require a USB as they are able to operate Portable Apps directly from their Dropbox account if an internet connection is available. In doing so, a user is able to utilise an entire suite of software without carrying any hardware.

The following are some examples of the software available on Portable Apps and the advantages of using these.

Portable Internet Browsers

When using internet cafes during travel, not all consumers will remember to remove their browsing history once finished, it is important to do so to prevent other users trolling through their browser history. Using the portable version of an internet browser, eliminates this issue and allows the user to search the internet, taking their  browser history with them to the next location without the worry of who next will access the computer.

Another advantage would be that now all computers have the consumers preferred browser, thus by using portable apps, the user is able to utilise their preferred program.

Portable Email Applications

Most consumers today have a cloud based email account such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. Receiving mail to a portable application such as Thunderbird allows the consumer to download all emails and read at their leisure, this can save costs if utilising a pay by the hour/minute service, as reading directly from the internet browser will consume time. Writing, replying or forwarding emails offline then reconnecting to the internet will result in the drafted emails being sent is also a benefit. An example of how this could be used is that hundreds of emails can be written between towns and then automatically sent upon arriving at a free WIFI service such as McDonalds.

Portable Media Players

Often, certain media such as video or music will not perform on various computers. VLC is a portable application available which plays almost every type of media available and is updated regularly by its developers.

Open Office

Open Office is an open source alternative to Microsoft Office. Documents produced within this program can be accessed at a later time by the Microsoft Office Suite and visa versa. Not being tied to one word processing or spreadsheet application is practical for students, as the cost of this is free and they are not tied to one particular type of word processing software, which may out date as new versions become available at their school, but the cost of upgrading at home puts it out of reach for themselves

The number of applications available for Portable Apps is growing all the time; if a program is not available it will only be a matter of time until it is. As the need for flexible workspace continues to grow, portable apps is a fantastic option to allow users to continue working in consistent conditions, with the only restriction to their work, being access to a computer. Making it now a convenient tool for anyone who works on more than one PC or struggles with storage space.