Are you planning to design your first website? Here are 3 important Web Design Tips you should consider and keep in mind with every web design project.

The first tip is to keep the web design uncomplicated. This statement is easier said than done for most designers. Save the elaborated graphics, effects and animation for the latter half when you decide to go full-fledge with an online strategy. When planning to start from scratch then it’s best to add only the necessary elements in terms of functionality, design and content. Remember to add your company logo and primary navigation links, which will highlight the important things like your company services, your work and qualifications as well as ways to get in touch with you. (Very important yet often skipped). When it comes to the visual, clean and crisp designs works better than the chaotic and loud web page. Use the K-I-S-S principal (Keep it simple, stupid!) by not cramping it with too many images, flash, scripts and irrelevant content.

Secondly, your web design must allow easy reading. You may push away prospective clients by making it hard for them to locate and read information that they require. For instance, the text layout must be designed with an easy width, not letting the text run from one end to the other end of the monitor. You are also required to control the length of the text as it is measured by pixels not characters. The ideal length of the text is 500 pixels or 60 to 70 characters. The attention span of you readers are only limited to a few sentences. So having paragraphs of text will find your visitors skipping through lines and missing important content. Use the first paragraph to summarise the entire web page and capture your visitor’s attention.

And finally the content and information used on your web page must meet the needs of your visitors. The content needs to be targeted to the current market and your web site niche. While planning your web design consider the information that your target market would look for, sort these keywords out and place content relevant to each keyword. This is the easiest form of SEO optimisation and it’s free. Unique relevant content is your best friend, and Google will thank you for it by ranking your site high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results page).

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