11-June-2014: Please note this article is outdated. You can install the normal version of Roboform desktop to your computer. Then when you insert the USB Roboform, it will piggy back off the desktop version and you can use Roboform within Google Chrome. Remember to install all plugins / extensions when requested for Google Chrome when installing Roboform desktop version. More information here.

RoboForm is by far the best application you can purchase to control all your usernames, passwords and form-filling functions. I have been using RoboForm for the past 3 years and is a must-have application for small business and everyday Internet use. You can download and read more about RoboForm from the vendor.

I have always had Roboform2Go edition which enables you to install Roboform into your USB drive and carry it around where ever you go. Never knowing which office location, computer or project I will be working on, using RoboForm2Go enables me to carry all of my sensitive account details and information securely. With just one password the information is readily available on my USB drive.

The one drawback has been using RoboForm2Go on Google Chrome. (There is no issue if you’re using the RoboForm Desktop Version). The problem exists where Google Chrome can’t attach the toolbar of Roboform2Go USB version. This was an inconvenience and we had to open Internet Explorer or open Roboform Editor and copy and paste into Google Chrome. (RoboForm2Go only works on Internet Explorer 32bit IE6, IE7, IE8 and Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, 3.6)

Google Chrome - No Support for Roboform2Go

This was until we found IE Tab. With IE tab you can use Internet Explorer to display websites within Google Chrome. You can download the free Chrome extension from here. The extension is ideal if you use Google Chrome as your default browser without the need of Internet Explorer.

Once installed, Roboform2Go will work in the IE TAB. No longer will you need to switch to Internet Explorer or copy and paste your username and password into Google Chrome.

We have tested with the following Versions:
Google Chrome: 10.0.648.151
IE Tab Versions:
RoboForm2Go Version: V7.2.6