Google+ is going through a few changes and if you haven’t noticed yet, every time you +1 a post, article or video, there may be a possibility for your +1 showing up in the home stream of your extended circles. The extended circle is the default setting for all Google+1 notifications. For most users this will not change and if you’re happy with your +1 displaying to your extended circles on the home page, then there is no need to change this setting. However if you wish to keep your Google +1 private, here is the settings to change.

Turning the setting to “Private” is easy however a little tricky to find as it’s buried within other settings of Google+.

How to Keep your Google +1 Activity Private

  • Go to your personal Google Plus Page
  • Hover your mouse over the “Profile” button and select “Settings
  • Within “Settings” scroll half way down and look for “Apps & Activities
  • Click on “Manage apps & activities
  • You will see 3 Tabs. Apps, Google, Log.
  • Select “Google” tab
  • The default setting +1’s on posts activity is set to “Extended Circles
  • Press the “Edit” button to change this to your personal preference.

How to Keep your Google +1 Activity Private

As Google States “Sharing your activity helps your friends find cool people and posts. People you select here may see updates about your future Google+ activity. You can view your past activities in the Activity Log. As always, activity updates from private posts will only be seen by people the post is shared with.” I keep my Google +1’s visible to “Your Circles” and not “Private – Only Me”. I like to share my activity within my inner circles.

By hovering your mouse to the right of this setting, a hidden button can be found. “Edit App”. Clicking on “Edit App > View Activities” or click on the “Log” tab at the top. From the Activity Log screen you can view your past +1’s and other activity on Google Plus.

Getting to the Activity Log screen

Final Note: This option is only to stop your own Google +1’s from showing on other users extended accounts. Unfortunately this does not stop others peoples +1’s from showing within your home timeline page. So you can keep people from seeing your +1 activity but currently there’s no way at this point to stop seeing other peoples +1’s on your account.