The world of social media can be daunting at first. Everyone is on it but with so many different social networks where do you start? And more importantly, how do you get noticed by the people who matter?

While it might seem setting up an account on many different social media sites will help you reach a larger audience it could be doing more harm than good. Considering every social media post you create takes time and, if you are promoting or boosting them as well money, you want them to engage with your audience. If you are generating lots of content which no one is reading it isn’t getting your message out effectively.

Tips to Get Noticed on Social Media

Targeting your audience. Think about who you want your message to reach. This may be as easy as looking at your current customers or require some brainstorming. Are they old or young? Male, female or mixed? Creative, professional, active? Once you’ve got an idea of what your target audience looks like you can use this to choose which social networks you should be using. With hundreds of social media networks and recent estimates of over 2 billion accounts between them, not every social media site will be perfect for you. A quick search for Australian Social Media Statistics or social network cheat sheet is a great way to match the typical users of each network to your audience. Hint: when searching for social media statistics have a look at the image results, there are a lot of great graphs and tables available.

Delivering your message. Once you’ve narrowed your options down to three or four social networks think about how you want to deliver your message. Is it short, sharp and catchy? Twitter might be for you. Or is a picture really worth a thousand words? Hello Instagram. Have a look at what the social networks your audience is using are best at and how that fits with your message. While there’s usually nothing stopping you from using the same post on a few different networks remember that you are aiming for as much interaction as possible so posting a lot of text on Instagram which is best suited to pictures, or long messages on Twitter which is designed for short (140 characters or less) bursts could lose engagement from your audience.

Thinking about tone. Whether you already have a media ‘voice’ or are just starting out its worthwhile thinking about how your audience perceives you. Does this fit in with who you are targeting and the social media network you are on? While it might make sense to use abbreviations and slang on Twitter where this is fairly standard if you are posting on LinkedIn where most users are professionals it would seem out of place. Have a look at the most followed, liked or commented on posts on the platform if you’re unsure of how you fit in for good examples. Try to stay consistent between posts, this might mean setting some guidelines for your account if you have more than one user and stay true to your brand or personality.

Looking at these aspects of your social activity should give you a good starting point for getting noticed and allow you to reach the right people. Remember social marketing is a continually changing landscape so don’t be afraid to look again at your audience and platforms and change things around if social media trends have changed.

How to Get Noticed on Social Media

How to Get Noticed on Social Media