Getting Pidgin to play nicely with Google Apps GTalk has been a pain in the you know what! We have spent several hours trying to get this application to talk properly with Google Talk and finding correct information on the Internet has been a problem. Unfortunately Google’s official help for Configure Pidgin to connect to Google Talk is incorrect. The information is probably outdated and not compatible with current versions of Pidgin. Every time we tried to connect with these settings we received an “Unable to Connect Error” or “SSL Issues“.

We are currently using the latest version of Portableapps and using Pidgin Instant Messaging version 2.10.11.  You can download these files directly from PortableApps.

How to Correctly Configure Pidgin for Google Apps Account

  1. Open Pidgin > Accounts > Manage Accounts > Add
  2. Protocol: XMPP
  3. Username: This is your Google Apps Email Username. (Without your @domain information)
  4. Domain: This is your domain name (Without the WWW example:
  5. Resource: (Leave this field blank)
  6. Password: Your can enter your password here or leave blank and Pidgin will prompt you for it.
  7. Local Alias: Your Name or Nickname
  8. New Mail Notification: We have it ticked. So new email notification will show up.

Pidgin Configuration Basic Settings

Now Click on the Advanced Tab:

  1. Connection Security: Use old-style SSL
  2. Untick: Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams
  3. Connection port: 443
  4. Connection server:
  5. File transfer proxies:
  6. BOSH URL: (Leave this field blank)
  7. Show Custom Smileys: Ticked

Pidgin Configuration Advanced Settings

With these updated settings we are able to login to Google Apps and use Google Talk (GTalk) with out issues. These settings may differ to other users on different systems, platforms and applications. Note these settings will also work on normal Gmail accounts using GTalk. These settings are not just for Google Apps users. If you require further help or clarification on the settings, please comment below.

Correct as of 25/09/2015