According to the senior product manager Rishi Chandra the main goal of launching Google TV is to offer the best of what the TV offers today along with offering the best of what the web offers. Having the Internet meets TV application is one of the new hot products for 2010. These are some of the new features of Google TV.

Google TV is made up of improved version of the Android mobile phone operating system. For this reason it can work well with your TV, Satellite, Internet and your cable. The device is designed with the cooperation of Sony, Chipmaker, Intel and Logitech. These are some of the manufacturers offering the Google TV systems worldwide.

Google TV users can search for any video by either typing on their wireless keyboard or by speaking into their Android mobile phone, which will be connected with the computer. So now you and I can watch our favorite channels and favorite programs just by using our mobile phone as a remote control. If a user is unable to watch a particular show then they can set the recording time and Google TV will record the show, which the user can watch any time. You can also surf the Internet and watch your favorite programs at one time, thanks to Google TV.

With Google TV we can browse the whole Web as the Google TV is working in association with You Tube, Flickr, Amazon, Farm Ville, Amc TV, Google maps and Wikipedia. Just like the Smartphone Google TV can have several applications on its home page. In the similar manner, Google TV comes with several favorite Applications. It is also said that by next year the Google TV will be advanced enough so programmers and freelancers can write their own applications and widgets for the Google TV screen.

The Google TV gives the TV a homepage too. This homepage is customizable, hence we can place our favorite channels on the home page and get quick access to it. We can easily switch from TV to web and vise versa. Watching both TV and web is also possible, thanks to Google TV. But being in the first stage of its development there are still some things that need to be modified. In order to make the TV watching experience smooth, Google TV will need to have some good hardware behind its applications. Sony Internet TV and Logitech Revue.

In time, just like the Windows Media Centre and other TV applications to come out into the market, Google TV will make it’s way to all households. With Google development team this item will no doubt lead the way in TV and Internet Applications for the home and office. What Google TV is offering is better than the current market offerings and we wait in anticipation on the overall concept of Google TV, where it will lead us in the future and the many applications and enhancements it will bring to our lives.

Some of the many features of Google TV:

  • Search your Television: Type in what you want and Google will find the TV show on your computer. Includes searching for apps, news and stories.
  • Google TV includes Google Chrome Web browser which includes latest version of Flash. Host of applications such as Facebook, twitter, Amazon etc.
  • Your Android Phone is now a remote control. Control your TV and Web Browser with your voice or touch input.
  • Stream video from your mobile phone. Fling it to your TV set. You can even Fling music, pictures and websites.
  • Video on demand from Amazon and Netflix. Over 40,000 movies online.
  • Watch full screen You tube video in HD tailored for your TV
  • Watch TV, while surfing the Internet or browsing your Twitter account. Purchase items from a TV ad while watching a commercial.
  • Get over the air updates for your applications and Google TV. Get new features for free.

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