Unlike previous Google updates, the most recent “Fred” update has left many SEO entrepreneurs questioning what they had previously thought to have contributed to their SEO rankings. Although many are confident that the Fred update focuses on the quality of backlinks, others are proclaiming that ad-heavy websites, as well as websites with thin content, are being hurt the most.

The Fred Update

Just last week Google released their most recent algorithm update which has had a serious hit on many website’s SEO side of things. This new update is called Fred and is an update which has cost up to 90% of some website’s keywords to drop rapidly. Although there is no definite way to pinpoint the cause of these drops, the one thing which these websites have in common is their low-quality backlinks.

From this, we think that it’s safe to assume that the Fred update is one which targets the quality of backlinks. When a website has a strong backlink profile, it means that they have backlinks from websites which have a high domain authority and not from websites which are designed for purely building backlinks. Sites which have backlinks from websites which we have just mentioned have been taking some seriously negative hits to their SEO campaigns recently.

As always, Google has no intention of confirming or denying this update; as they have done in the past. This is due to the fact that they update their algorithm frequently, often multiple times a day. Check out Google’s Search Engine Optimsation Starter Guide

Will Your Website Be Impacted by the Fred Update?

To check whether or not your website has been impacted by this update, take a look at your keyword tracking and take a look at how the statistics have changed recently. If your website has dropped for certain keyword rankings, it may be that your backlinks aren’t of high quality and come across as “spam”.

Recovering from the Fred Update

With consideration to the fact that Google has yet to comment on the Fred update nor have they discussed the specifics of what the update impacts, it is without a doubt to give you indefinite tips on how you can help your website to recover from this update.

However, from the observations which we have made based on our current client’s websites, we are happy to say that there has barely been a negative impact regarding any of their rankings. We have a team which consists of some of the most talented SEO marketers out there and some of the best people for link building. We’re incredibly proud of the high-quality backlinks which they produce for our clients.

If you have a website which has been impacted by the Fred update or you’re looking at how to change up your SEO methods, here are some tips which we have for you.

  • Quality, not quantity. The quality of your backlinks should take priority over the number of backlinks that you have.
  • Sitewide dofollow links. Avoid these at all costs. You may see websites which prioritise these for their ranking, although we suggest avoiding them due to the fact that this aspect of SEO can disappear and sink your campaign without any notice.
  • Have Relevant Links. Making sure that your backlinks have some relevancy to the context of your content adds value to the backlink.
  • Valuable Backlinks. If it isn’t challenging for you to create a backlink, the chances are that it isn’t a valuable backlink worth having.
  • Don’t Pay for Backlinks. By no means should you pay for backlinks. These backlinks are not valuable and will not help your SEO campaign. Create your own!
  • Create Them Yourself. Following on from the previous point, create your backlinks on your own. Don’t use services to create them, and don’t use a botting program.

To Conclude

Over the following weeks, we will be publishing more information regarding the recent Fred update and will provide you with all of the information that you need to decrease the negative impact. Provided that you have a key focus on creating quality content and you stick to creating only white hat backlinks; you should have no problems at all.