Is your New Year resolution to increase website traffic in 2012? Or have you made a resolution to increase sales, search engine placements or provide a better return on your investment? We can help you reach your targets for 2012 by providing both untargeted and targeted website traffic to any business on the Internet.

More than 1500 business around the world trust us to provide pop under traffic on regular basis. We provide both targeted and untargeted to suit all markets, advertising campaigns and small businesses which are run on the Internet.

Getting a good search engine optimised listing should always be your primary goal, however the entire process can take a long time, a lot of hard work with plenty of back links and most important quality web content. If you need instant website traffic and dont want to wait the 3 – 6 months for search engines to index your site, consider our Guaranteed Hits traffic options. We can deliver traffic within 24 to 48 hours to 90% of online businesses.

What is the difference between targeted and untargeted web traffic?

When we talk about untargeted web traffic, we are speaking about traffic from all over the world. Any country in our advertising pool of merchants can send traffic to your web site. Targeted website traffic is from specific countries that you want visitors from. We always provide free category targeting and English speaking visitors so you never need to worry about the quality of web traffic to your site.

What is the difference between website traffic and leads?

With our traffic options we can deliver website traffic directly to your website link. We only provide web traffic. Once the traffic is delivered to your site, it’s up to your website to make the sale, keep the customer on your site or provide an easy option to capture email etc. Whereas web leads mean guaranteed sign-ups. Where your guaranteed to capture their email, phone or sales so you can follow up later. Unfortunately we don’t provide website leads. There are plenty of sites online that offer leads at competitive prices. Always do research and ask for a test account first before signing up to a leads program.

Can you provide some tips to make my campaign a success?

(1). Send traffic to an inner page within your site rather than your front homepage. Try and create a custom web page just for the campaign or target a product or service for the campaign.
(2). Make your site loads quickly by not including sound, flash, large pictures etc. A fast loading page will help with your traffic conversion.
(3). Spread your traffic over a few days or weeks. We set our campaigns to deliver 100 hits per hour. If your site slows due to too many hits, slow the hits over a few days.
(4). Try a test account of 1000 hits before investing on a larger order. Having a test account is great way to check if the traffic is suited for your business and that you’re happy with the quality of visitors.

I have questions I need answered about your traffic plans – who can I speak to?

We provide 24/7 online support. Feel free to contact us via email, phone or chat to us online. You can get all the details from our Support Centre or use our call back service on 1300 628 437.

Do you have a special for customers in 2012?

Yes – we have a special coupon code “CMATHER2012”. Use this at checkout to save on 15% of the checkout price. You can use this coupon as many times as you like and can be shared with your family, friends and work colleagues. Coupon expires December 31st 2012.