Installing a help desk support system to control the phone calls, emails and problematic issues can be tricky for an online business. Having a help desk support system to look after all the inbound email, sales enquiries and issues is a great way to communicate with your customers. I’m not talking about a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), rather a help desk and priority communication tool.

Help Desk Support SoftwareAt CMather Web Development we receive around 200 support requests per day for help, quotes and customer communication. We spent months trying to search for a perfect help desk tool to help us. Eventually, we ended up building our own help desk software to suit our needs and our budget. We also used our own infrastructure and programmers to keep the project in-house.

This may not be an option for a small business who wants to keep costs down. On average many paid help desk versions online charge between $10.00 and $299.00 per month per user for an outsourced third party support ticket system. And there are hundreds to choose from! These are all excellent options however there are many free solutions available for small business.

In this blog post, I’ve listed free help desk software solutions for small business to implement ticketing like system. These free systems will enable you to communicate with your customer, track responses and troubleshoot problem areas.

Generally, all these scripts run on PHP and MySQL on your web server. Your web developer can install and configure these scripts on your website within a few hours. Contact us if you require us to install or customise any of these scripts for your business.

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Free Help Desk Support and Ticket Software

OsTicket – Written in PHP, this is a free open source help desk support system. Features include email support, auto-response, canned replies, help topics, alerts, roles and full history. Customers just need to send you an email to open a ticket. Developer Support: Unknown. Local forum support available. We personally tried this and worked well for our needs.

eTicketSupport – Can receive tickets from email and has many useful features for help desk and support. Departments, attachments, canned responses, email alerts, escalation. Has community forum support and some mods. We have personally used this on prior projects and customers.

Trouble Ticket Express – Ticket monitoring, email alerts, custom fields, unlimited operators, optional MySQL, file attachment s and host more features. Developer Support Unknown.

Zoho Desk – Zoho Desk gives your team the best tools to help customers while automating frequent tasks that otherwise take up precious time.

Manage Engine Service Desk Plus – The free version’s on-premise version supports up to two agents, while the cloud-based version supports up to five.

Spice Works – Keep up with user requests, track ongoing projects and get ahead of the next fire drill.

Fresh Desk – Sprout version is free with unlimited agents.

If you know of other free or open-source help desk support software solutions, please leave your comments below. We will review and add them to this post.

Under our Script Installation Services that we provide here at CMather, we can install and configure these solutions to meet your business requirements. Just get in contact with us for a free no-obligation quote or call 1300 628 437.