Zen Cart is designed by a group of shop owners, programmers, consultants and designers who had the same vision. The vision was to create shopping cart software which will be user friendly and free. The Zen Cart shopping cart is easy to install and can be set up by almost anyone who knows basic computer skills.

With the help of Zen Cart shopping cart, anyone can create an online shop cart keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of their shops. The installation part of Zen Cart shopping cart is the simplest and easiest currently found on the Internet. A web hosting account which has a Mysql Database, and PHP enabled programming is all that is needed to install Zen Cart. The majority of web hosting companies will already have this as an option for pre-installation from your cPanel account. Generally software such as Fantastico will install Zen Cart with a click of a mouse button.

The Zen Cart shopping cart comes with basic out of the box template skin and a very well planned out administration interface for the shop owner. There are several configurations, options and variables you can use to set up this shopping cart, which can be confusing for some users. Don’t worry plenty of online support, forums and Zen Cart websites can be found online to help you out with every step of the way.

You can find over a million online web templates to customize and present your shopping cart to your customers. To make changes simply modify the site templates. If you’re familiar with PHP then even more customization can be carried out on user interfaces, modules and core components of the shopping cart. However simple changes such as logo, color and layout boxes can all be done from your administration control panel.

To create a product using Zen cart shopping cart is very simple and for those who want to create their products in bulk, there is also an option of “Easy populate”. With Easy Populate you can upload and download your items via spreadsheet which saves time and data entry costs. You can easily find everything within the administration interface. Each product can also be customized with attributes, delivery information, stock control and SEO optimized listings.

There are several payment options for Zen Cart. By installing Zen Cart you will get only few of these payment options. To get all the payment options, you will need to visit the Zen Cart plug-in site where you can almost find every payment method in the universe. You can easily add several payment methods just by using your FTP program and your administration panel in Zen cart. Then it’s as easy as flicking a switch to activate and use the new module.

The shipping module of Zen Cart shopping cart is also quite impressive. The various modes of shipping like shipping by weight, shipping by number of products, shipping by flat rate all are well supported by Zen Cart. The management of the taxes is also equally simple and hence impressive. All the reports like sales, most popular products, order status, customers, etc are all available out of the box. You won’t get in depth analysis but the select few essential reports will be easily accessible from your administration account.

Finally it can be said that the Zen Cart shopping cart is a power packed software package. The source code can be decoded easily with mid-level knowledge of PHP programming. One can even seek help from the thousands of professional Zen Cart coders, forum communities and help files found on the Internet for additional support. If you are looking for something simple and easy to set up shopping cart, then Zen Cart is the best solution for your online business.

Zen Cart Installation and Customisation

We can install, customise and setup your Zen Cart shopping cart for your online business requirements. Please contact us on 1300 628 437 if you require further help in getting your shopping cart online. Alternatively, email us for a free quote or help with your shopping cart needs. Also refer to Cheap Script Installation Service