Facebook is the world’s largest networking site! With over 150 million people using Facebook world wide, the number seems quite overwhelming and that is why it has been rated as the world’s 5th largest visited site. It was initially very popular among teens, but now it has established its presence with members of all ages and sectors. It also provides a major platform for marketing many businesses and helps in expanding it invariably. Facebook security has been one question in most users’ minds. You will do well though to know more about the Facebook Security and how you can prevent your account from getting hijacked!

It is essential to know about the Facebook security and how it is managed, especially with the recent incidents coming to light about the breach of Facebook security. Many users are now concerned about their accounts! There were several occasions in the past when the security has been breached. The beta-phase of this site could not identify the possible threats of hacking and data privacy, and thus, within few months to years of launch, the site saw a lot of unscrupulous visitors taking advantage of this issue.

IT guys have openly mocked the Facebook security systems! Amateurs like you and me would agree too, given the reasoning behind it! To gain access to the staff, the security questions would be something like what is your father’s middle name? Or name of third grade teacher? Every child studying with your kid could answer this question! Do you think these questions on social networking sites are enough to maintain privacy and security?

Facebook has over and again worked on its security front. They have been actively working to protect their users. It must be said that their efforts are commendable. Every time they noticed a security breach they have fixed it. But the question is – Are all these measures enough for Facebook to be an admired and a most-visited site? Until now, all technical measures taken by Facebook have been reactive. Facebook will do well to bolster their security measures to being proactive in out-thinking the crooks, who are loose at large waiting to make the best use of such sites.

The cyber crooks will always be attracted to social sites. They will always try to steal common man’s information and passwords by hacking or scamming. Facebook being the largest network is the easiest target. This may have rung alert bells about the Facebook security. Don’t worry! I have listed a few basic tips which will help you protect your privacy.

The tips are going to be simple and clichéd, but they make lot of difference to securing your accounts from the hackers. Don’t reveal any private information where anyone can get it. Never ever enter credit card or such sensitive information on the website. Even if you are just sharing with your friend don’t to it on social site. You have many other ways to do that! Manage your privacy settings which Facebook provides. Yes, Facebook offers option to protect your personal information. You can decide who should be allowed to view your personal information and more importantly which one. Don’t socialize with strangers on the site.

Your security is in your own hands. Just play with the rules set and you are good to go.

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