A Melbourne-based web specialists says that website downtime can hurt a business’s bottom line and reputation.’s group operations manager, Chris Mather, said it is important to have a reliable web service, particularly as more customers are now looking to the web for information and services. “An excellent website is of no use if it is not backed by an equally competent web-hosting solution,” Mr Mather said. 

“A website that is too slow to load or which is characterised by frequent downtimes can irritate customers that visit your website, thus losing potential business,” he said. “Moreover, your current customers might get a bad impression about the reliability and quality of your services.”

“People looking for a hosting service should check that downtime is kept to a minimum.”

Mr Mather said was committed to providing a reliable and professional web-hosting solution.

“We like to invest in our infrastructure and resources in order to ensure best-in-class services to our customers.  We have the technology available to provide the very best in web-hosting services.” uses an OC-3 fibre optic backbone and limits server use to ensure the system is never overloaded. “Web hosting is the heart and soul of a company website,” Mr Mather said.

“Without exceptional web hosting solutions and support, your website may very well become a millstone around your neck and harm your reputation and business,” he said. “An outstanding web-hosting solution and support on the other hand becomes a milestone of your achievements and success.”

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