Received an Email From a SEO Company Wanting to Increase Your Search Ranking?

This is an example of a local Bendigo hair dressing business who wanted a simple website with high rankings on search. They contacted our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team for free advice on starting an online promotion for their current business. We created the site using WordPress with a simple template and one plugin called All in One SEO Pack. No other plugins, scripts or tricks were used. This was a brand new domain that we researched on behalf of the customer and included custom blog content.

The site contains a simple “About Us” section, “Services” and “Contact Us” page. The News/Blog section contains tips and tricks for hairdressing, and new articles are added once per month. We wrote the first three articles on behalf of the owner, to setup the website, and were scheduled via WordPress. We only used the title and description Meta tags. Keywords in Meta information is no longer used and most search engines ignore this section. We also made the noindex tag on the archives, categories, and tags. This is useful to stop duplicate content from search engines. After one month the site was in the top 3 positions of the chosen keyword.

Today almost 3 months has passed and the site is number one for 5 targeted keywords. Just from the 5 targeted keywords, the traffic generated from the search engines is 92% of overall traffic. Conversion leads are up 32% from month two and in general the business is booming with new clientele.

From this one simple example, all site owners should take note that in order to get to the top search rankings, only relies on good, clean content. No special programming, images, tricks, scripts etc are needed. If you have content that people want to read, understand and interact with, then your site is guaranteed top listings without any SEO techniques.

Don’t Get Fooled by Dodgy SEO Companies

Don’t get fooled by SEO companies offering top 10 search engine rankings and positions within 30 days. As a website owner, you may be getting bombarded with spam emails from all over the world stating your site isn’t ranking and your site maybe missing out on traffic for selected keywords. 99% of these emails are fraudulent and considered spam. The best way to address these emails is to press the delete key.

Yes we even get these emails from seo companies sent to us by the hundreds. It’s quite funny when we receive emails stating we’re not ranking for our keyword, or we’re not ranking in the Top 10. Funny part is we do rank well for all our keywords and all listings our in the top 5. We generate thousands of hits from popular search engines, just from our chosen targeted keywords. This information is not available to other companies, so in fact it’s impossible for other companies to state “Your chosen Keyword” is not ranking. Generally these companies are just fishing for you to reply back so they can generate some business by using black hat techniques.

Take a look at your website today! Is the content helpful and useful for your customers? If not consider updating your site with some new information, articles or even some helpful tips for your valued customers. If using WordPress or other content management tool, consider downloading a free plugin to help optimise your titles and descriptions so you’re found easily online.

If you require further help, clarification or 24/7 free advice, contact our SEO Team. We can help you to organise your site so you’re easily found by your customers. If you’re unsure of emails sent by SEO companies, you can also forward to us and we can inform you of their identity and trustworthiness.