Renew Domain Name ExpirationIt is easy to forget what a valuable asset your domain name can be. With an increasing scarcity of good names and an entire market built around the purchase and inflation of expired domains, risking domain name expiration is a costly game. Acting upon the first renewal reminder you receive will protect your business, your reputation and your domain name.

A consistent Internet presence is essential to building and maintaining a solid brand. You chose your domain for specific reasons. You’ve done marketing to drive traffic to your site. It is where your clients, readers, potential customers and friends can find you. Should they arrive at a blank page where your website used to be, they may well go elsewhere for the services or products they need.

Even worse, someone else can snatch up your expired domain name and set up shop in your space. All the traffic you’ve driven to that page is now theirs. Along with commercial concerns, you could face reputation harm should the new owner misuse the domain which the public has come to associate with you and your business brands.

When a domain name expires, there is a brief Renewal Grace Period during which you can still renew for the same cost. If you miss this grace period, then your domain will not be available to you until it appears back on the open market. Expired domain names have an 85% chance of being purchased within the first two hours of being back on the market. Trying to buy back your domain from someone else is usually costly and sometimes impossible.

5 Easy Ways to Protect Domain Name Expiration:

  • Choose automatic renewal for all your domains.
  • Renew for extended periods – 5 to 10 years at a time.
  • Note the expiration date in your calendar and alert IT staff to do the same.
  • Renew early.  On the first automated reminder. Don’t wait for the last week or day to pay.
  • Keep your business and contact details current on the WHOIS Register.

Renew Your Domain Name with us Today

Protect your business, your reputation and your customer base by keeping your domains current. Domain Name expiration can be be a costly to your marketing brands and business. Remember, domain name expiration is a risk you can’t afford. Renew with us today.