Over the past 12 months a lot of businesses and webmasters have decided to redesign their website. This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly as the cost of redesigning your website properly can be quite expensive. But I believe that if you haven’t had your website redesign within the last three years now is the perfect time.

Web development technology has changed significantly over the past three years allowing sites to become more responsive and interactive with their visitors. Furthermore, for businesses it has become cheaper for them to have custom developments for the website that can really improve the efficiency of their business and reduce costs.

Does your website look dated?

Bad and Outdated Web DesignI remember hearing these words early on in my business life and they have stayed with me. “Who sets the standard for the quality of your marketing collateral? Your competition does. If you are not equal to or better than your competition you shouldn’t be in the game”. Although your website is a marketing tool it is a part of your marketing collateral and at times is the first point of contact with a potential prospect. If your website does not make good first impression that can be the difference between you getting an inquiry or sale or just another visitor added to the Google analytics tally.

Pool navigational structure

Your websites navigation is one of the most important aspects of your website. If visitors are unable to navigate to the information that they want successfully they will leave to one of your competitors websites. The navigation on your website should be simple and easy to follow. The visit should be no more than three clicks away from the information that they want. Any more than three clicks/pages and visitors will start to become frustrated and will potentially start to leave your site. I remember once seeing the website where it took nine clicks to get to the information that a visitor wanted. And when you finally got to the page that was supposed to have the information, would you believe that the page was blank? The webmaster never noticed that the Web developer never uploaded content for this page.

Slow page loading times

Slow Page Loading

With Internet speeds around the world becoming faster and faster, people become frustrated far more quickly when pages do not load quickly. You might think having super high-definition images and graphics will turn your website into a visitor magnet. But these high resolution images are large files that need to be downloaded every time a visitor lands on your page, thus they slow down the page loading speed. Also design elements and problems in the sites coding can also contribute to slow load times on your website.

Inability to update website

A lot of businesses get a website from their web designer or web developer but have to rely on that person to update the website when new content, updated product information and/or updated services. This can be a time-consuming process and a costly process. If you have a website that is three years or older without a CMS

[content management system] I would recommend starting from scratch and having your website built with a CMS. But if your website is relatively new it is possible to have a CMS integrated into your websites design. A CMS gives the average non-technical, non-geeky website owner the ability to update their website with the relative ease.

Please post about some of the horrible website you have found in your web surfing travels, I look forward to seeing your comments.

About the Author

Bren Hammel is a director at Eureka SEM. Bren has been in the online marketing industry for over 6 years, doing everything from web design Newcastle to SEO/SEM. Follow Eureka Search Engine Marketing on Facebook and Twitter