These are some of the common questions we get asked every week from our support teams. We are communicating these responses to all so a greater audience can view and participate in the forum. If you like us to answer your SEO questions please contact us or leave your reply below.

Without giving out too many secrets, can you give us some basic tips for SEO?

The most important SEO tip we can give is to have a great Title and Meta Tags for your website. Make your tags relevant to the content you provide on your web page. There is no point creating title and meta tags where there is no body content to justify the listing. You don’t need a search engine optimisation company to tell you this information. Any site owner should be able to provide great search engine friendly META information so their sites can be found. Short brief and to the point should be your goal. Don’t keyword stuff your title and description and only use keywords which are found within your body content. A good tip is to pretend your searching for the listing on the search engines – what would you prefer? What would you click on? A keyword stuffed listing or a listing which shows in detail what the content and business is about?

When it come to SEO Titles – which is better for SEO optimisation?

Example One: Website Designer | Web Designer | Web Design
Example: Two: Web Designer: Original and affordable fresh designs for your website.

Example Two is always better for the popular search engines. Example two shows in detail what the company does. Example one is an example of keyword stuffing. The popular keywords are placed in the TITLE then repeated somewhere in the content and META description. In terms of traffic and rankings example two will also get more clicks because it has popular call to action words such as “Original” and “Affordable”. In today’s online market this is very important when customers are looking for cheap and affordable services. Having the search engines list example two will end up with more traffic and a higher ranking for your site. Many sites use Example one with great results as well, however popular search engine guidelines always point to Example two as the best option.

Should I use META Description for my web pages?

Adding META description and keywords will generally not help with your SEO or rank high on search engines. This is due to the fact search engines will take into account hundreds of factors before ranking a given page. Adding a META description however will get people clicking to your website. A relevant description and keywords associated with your business will get more traffic from search engines because people will click which leads to more traffic and a high click through ratio. Adding a phone number is one great way of getting customer to call you directly from the search listing rather than clicking on the linking and looking for your number.

Here is a video of this example:

Can you share your SEO software with us? Can you recommend SEO software for small business and personal websites?

CMather SEO IBPFor CMather customers we use our own internal developed software for search engine optimisation, ranking reports and analysis. Over 10 years of development we have refined this software and our knowledge base to help our customers gain the best possible outcome on major search engines. For do it yourself SEO and software packages you cant go past IBP. For small business this software package is ideal for SEO projects on your own personal website. The website owner will still need to make HTML changes and have access to their site via FTP or File Manager to use the software.

Search Engine Optimisation: We offer a full range of services including link building, search and directory submission, social media linking and on page white hat optimisation. Want a free SEO analysis of your website? How about some guidance or information regarding higher placement in search engines, please contact us.