Bendigo, Australia August 1st, 2014 – The new strategy promises to incorporate all essential elements that direct towards an algorithmic update friendly website.

Official CMather Press Releases | Web Design

Australia based web development and design studio have come up with an ‘update friendly’ web design strategy that promises to please search engine bots and create an impression among the business’s customers equally.

The strategy focuses on onsite as well as offsite factors such as page speed, intuitive navigation, compelling copy writing, optimised title tags, just to name a few.

“Designing a website is by no means a one time job. Content has to be kept fresh, keywords have to be updated, coding standards have to be updated, besides incorporating a host of other elements. But a common pattern with almost all the Google updates so far is that they’ve all pointed towards the basic webmaster guidelines,” says Melissa Parker, Project Manager for CMather. Be it focusing on quality content or punishing keyword stuffing practices all of these point towards the webmaster guidelines advocated by Google and other search engines.

“Our web design strategy involves going back to the basics and staying committed to these guidelines. With short cut strategies it may seem easy to cheat search engines, but they’re good only until they last. In the long term, these strategies are likely to cause more harm than good,” she adds.

Incorporating these elements allows the CMather team to make web designing easy and affordable. “With key factors in place, web owners can trim their SEO maintenance budget and focus only on key parameters that need update such as implementing responsive design or tracking competitor performance.” says Melissa. In fact, the company’s web design consultation team challenges prospective clients to come up with a web design quote that could match theirs. The team also offers free no obligation consultation. Details of this can be sought through the company’s Help Desk.

Besides custom web design, CMather also offers a DIY site builder that allows businesses to set up their very own website within minutes. “Choose from thousands of templates to build your own professional website from scratch and get ready to sell your products or services within hours,” says Melissa. This tool is very useful for small businesses that need websites within a short span of time or are looking for quick and easy websites without having to spend thousands of dollars.

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